Splatoon Amiibo Series Collection Guide

Collectors Guide to the Splatoon Amiibo Series

It is only natural that Nintendo’s next big IP gets the Amiibo treatment. Although the range of Amiibo for Splatoon is not nearly as extensive as the Super Smash Bros. Series, but nonetheless it is a worth collection to add among your other Nintendo figurines.

All Splatoon Amiibo function the same when tapped into the game. Tapping the Amiibo to your GamePad will grant you access to a number of challenges. Completing these challenges will award you exclusive in-game gear to equip to your Inkling. Each Compatible Amiibo provides their own sets of challenges and gear.

Amiibo splatoon gear and weapons

There are three unique Amiibo in the Splatoon series: Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl and Inkling Squid.

Now let’s take a look at the Amiibo themselves.

splatoon amiibo inkling boy

The Amiibo above is a fantastic shot of the boy Inkling.

Inkling boy amiibo report! This amiibo is just…so…cool… Look at his focused gaze… Those rad shoes… His dashing good looks… What detail, what poise. I can’t wait to bring this dude home!

splatoon amiibo inkling girl

This one is of course the Inkling Girl!

Inkling girl amiibo report! This amiibo is just…so…beautiful… Look at her “hair” flowing in the breeze… Her mischievous eyes… Those sweet shoes… That stylish pose… The way she holds that Splattershot… Be still my heart!

splatoon amiibo inkling squid

And the last but not least, the Inkling Squid!

Inkling squid amiibo report! This amiibo is just…so…exquisite… Look at those crazy eyes… The way it’s powering out of the ink… Those beautiful ink blobs… This thing is inkredible! Squid forever! Squid for president!

The most avid collectors will not open the packaging of the Amiibo. The value of the figurines drastically increases if it remains unopened and is in mint condition.

splatoon amiibo packaging

In Japan, consumers can buy all three Splatoon individually, with the three pack also available for purchase. In North America, the Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl can be bought individually, but the Inkling Squid is only available with the three pack.

Meanwhile in Europe, consumers can purchase the Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl individually, but the Inkling Squid can only be attained through the Splatoon and Inkling Squid Amiibo bundle.

Sadly in Australia and New Zealand, the Inkling Squid Amiibo is currently not available.

amiibo triple set and inkling squid bundle

In order to complete the set you may need to import the missing link depending on region and stock availability. Unfortunately, it will not be cheap, as they are already fetching way over their recommended retail price at Ebay.

That’s it for the guide. I hope you found all the information needed to complete the Splatoon Amiibo series.

Happy collecting!


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  1. sacar unos de los AMIDOS nuevos de lo mario plateado

  2. Just a heads up, in Australia/New Zealand the Inkling Squid is available, but only as part of the set of 3 Amiibo. The girl and boy are available individually as well.

  3. EBay can be your friend if you keep looking I was able to score the 3 pack for around $40

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