Skylanders SuperChargers Boss Battle Guide

Skylanders SuperChargers Boss Battle Guide

The latest entry in Activisions highly successful franchise – Skylanders – is upon us. Skylanders Superchargers brings vehicular gameplay into the formula. One aspect that hasn’t changed is the fun and enjoyable bosses that lie await at a number of stages.

If you are having a trouble in defeating a specific boss in Skylanders Superchargers, then don’t worry as I have your back. I’ve decided to make a quick and simple guide on how to beat all the evil boss enemies in Skylanders Superchargers.

Just scroll down to find the strategy behind the respective boss battle.

Boss Battle – Cap’N’Cluck

Cap’n’cluck is attempting to build a formidable chicken army to takeover the Skylands, it is up to you to stop his evil plan. As soon as the battle starts, you will notice a large chicken curled like a ball and throw slots to deposit the ball. Essentially, what you need to do is to push the ball into the slot that is indicated by the arrows. Sucessfully, doing so will launch the ball towards Cap’n’cluck. At the halfway point, Cap’n’cluck will become more aggressive shooting the eggs more frequently and summoning enemies to further impede your goal

Boss Battle – Emperor Kaos

In the battlefield, Emperor Kaos will regularly warp around. The general battle strategy is to quickly hit Emperor Kaos as soon as he reappears. But be careful when Emperor Kaos does appear, he will summon spiked balls to hit you. About 3/4 into the boss battle, Emperor Kaos will change gears. Now he will have two magical arms which can create shock waves and waves of spiked ball. To deal damage to Emperor Kaos you must hit has magical hands when he rests. Continue to dodge his attacks until he is defeated.

Boss Battle – Spell Slamzer

The Spell Slamzer is a ghoul like monster. In the fist phaze all you are required to do is to keep attacking him when he reappears. On occasion he will summon minions, deal with them before resuming an attack. In the second phaze you will be transported to a snow area. Traverse through the area until you encounter the Spell Slamzer again. Continue attacking him like in the previous phaze. In the third phaze, you will be transported back into an arean. Again use the same strategy until you finally degeat the Spell Slamzer

Boss Battle – Warden Money Bone

This is a vehicle battle. The essential strategy is to keep hitting Warden Money Bone, while avoiding his attacks. His attacks are easy to avoid. They mostly involve an easily avoidable laser attack and a ram that creates a fiery trail. One attack that you must watch out for is a purple pulse which encase the entire platform. To avoid this attack you must use the portal to escape into an adjacent platform. This boss isn’t too hard. Just keep attacking and follow Warden Money Bone.

Final Boss Battle – The Darkness

Once the battle starts, maneuver your vehicle through a number of surge rings to power your vehicle to crash into the darkness. This will weaken him allowing you to hit him a number of times before the next phase begins. In the next phase you will need to careful drive across a racetrack littered with crystal spikes. Continue along the path until your vehicle collides into the darkness again. Repeat this process one more time.

The next phase is a lot trickier. It is like the first phase, but with more spilling pillars that will halt your momentum and aggressive attacks from the Darkness. Essentially you will need to pass through enough surge rings to crash him into the darkness. Repeat the process until he is defeated.

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