Silver Mario Amiibo Release Date Listed In Retailers System

More evidence has emerged that give credence to the existence of a silver Mario Amiibo. A product listing from US retailer – Fred Myer – suggest a Silver Mario Amiibo will be releasing on May 29.

The findings were shared by ValtriusXIII, a Fred Myer employee roaming at the Amiibo reddit forums. ValtriusXIII believes that the Silver Mario Amiibo will not be retail exclusive.

Following this find – Andis1 from reddit – entered the same UPC from the Fred Myer leak into Targets retailers system. The results are interesting to say the least. Andis1 confirms that the existence of a Silver Mario Amiibo in Target’s system. More interestingly, the Silver Mario has the same release date: May 29. The Redditor also expressed that the Silver Mario Amiibo is unlikely to be a retail exclusive.

silver mario amiibo retail listing

A redditor whom works for Best Buy could not find the same listing for Silver Mario Amiibo at the respective retail.

With two retailers chain confirming the same information, the existence of a Silver Mario Amiibo gains more momentum.

However, until we get confirmation from Nintendo themselves, this should be under the RUMOR category.

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