Shiny Gengar Distribution Event Begins

Attention All Shiny Pokemon Hunters

Nintendo and the Pokemon Company has begun the distribution event for a special Shiny Gengar. Starting from October 13 through to October 26, you can nab yourself a Shiny Gengar at participating Gamestop and EB stores across the globe.

In North America, the Shiny Gengar will be made available through a download code distributed at GameStop stores. Redeeming the code at the Nintendo eShop will download the Shiny Gengar with a Gengarite to straight to your copy of Pokemon X or Y.

Things will be a little different in Down Under. The Shiny Gengar will be distributed via Wi-Fi. You will need to bring over your 3DS and  a copy of Pokemon X or Y to your local EB games store, and connect to the Wi-Fi.

It is important to note that this is not an ordinary Gengar. The Shiny Gengar has the special move, Sludge Wave, which in normal play cannot be learnt. So I highly recommend that you get yourself to the nearest GameStop and EB Games store to get this illustrious Gengar.

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