Several Amiibo Will Be Restocked In Australia

A number of Smash Bros. Amiibo have been sold out within a matter of days in Australia, leaving collectors disappointed unable to purchase their favorite . Nintendo is looking to rectify the issue with a second shipment of certain Amiibo figurines.

From the Super Smash Bros. series – Bowser, Ness, Villager, Little Mac, Mega Man, Robin, Lucina, Captain Falcon, Charizard and Wii Fit – have been restocked in Australia. Nintendo has encouraged that Amiibo hunters to check their local retailers for availability.

Amiibo can be typically found in good supply and variety at EB Games, JB Hi-fi and Target. So I would recommend checking these stores for your desired Amiibo figurine.

Which Amiibo figurine will you be getting? Let Me know by leaving a comment below!

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