Sakurai Explain Why Ridley Was Excluded From Super Smash Bros.

The exclusion of fan requested Ridley as  a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros has many diehard perplexed by the decision. Not only is the Pirate king been heavily requested by fans since Melee, the Metroid franchise has been heavily under-represented in Super Smash Bros.

Speaking to IGN, Sakurai has went on the record and explained why he decided to leave out Ridley from the playable Super Smash Bros. fighter roster.

Essentially, Ridley is too big to be a playable character. “I definitely know that Ridley’s a much-anticipated name for fans, but if we made Ridley as a fighter, it wouldn’t be Ridley any longer, It’d have to be shrunk down, or its wings reduced in size, or be unable to fly around freely.” Sakurai told IGN.

He went onto to explain further that he aims to portray an accurate characterization of the mascot in Super Smash Bros to maintain quality and balance.

“Providing accurate portrayals of characters is something I want to pay ample attention to,If I don’t stick to that thought, then we’d have to lower the quality or break the balance of the game. Something that goes way off spec could break the entire game.”

It is rather unfortunate that Ridley has been excluded, but hearing Sakurai’s explanation it definitely makes sense.

Super Smash Bros For Wii U and Amiibo will launch on November 21 in North America. In Europe, Japan and Australia the game will be hitting stores on November 28/29 respectively.

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