Rumor: Second New Pokemon Teased In Pokemon XY: The Movie

The latest Pokemon movie – Hoopa & The Clash Of Ages – premiered in Japan today. The audience was fortunate to view a teaser trailer for next years movie.

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the movies premier, particular because of a large new Pokemon being teased during the pre-release marketing for this years and next years movies. Many have hypothesized the Pokemon being a new form of Zygarde.

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It turns out this large bipedal being isn’t the only new Pokemon being teased in the movie. Reports coming out of Japan suggest that another unknown Pokemon has been teased.

Serebii reports that a green Pokemon with one eye bigger than the other has been seen in the teaser trailer for next years movie. The mysterious new Pokemon is seen peeking through the O of the Pokemon logo.

A friend of Serebii – Gin – has kindly sketched a concept of what the Pokemon closely looks like (which you can view below). Bear in mind these are unconfirmed reports, but generally Serebii is very reliable in all things related to Pokemon.

What are your thoughts? With two new Pokemon teased? Could we be in the verge of a new generation? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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