Rumor: Pokemon Amiibo Series Coming?

Amiibo compatibility has become a recent trend with Nintendo, as almost every title release this year has more or less been attached to an Amiibo. It seems that Nintendo will continue to push these superfluous yet strangely addictive collectibles.

Reddit user ZoomBoppo has taken a deeper look at the coding within a number of Amiibo and has found a few interesting tidbits about future Amiibo series.

Much of it is overly complicated for those who do are not specialist in computer science and engineering, but one piece of conjecture will surely excite Nintendo and Pokemon fans.

When looking at the coding of the Pokemon Amiibo from the Super Smash Bros series, Zoomboppo found a correlation between a byte value and the National Pokedex number of the respective Pokemon Amiibo. Zoomboppo goes further to suggest that their is empty space for all Pokemon.

This could be a strong indication that Pokemon Amiibo cards could be in the works for a future title either for Wii U or 3DS. It certainly would make sense from a business point of view as they will surely sell gangbusters.

You can view all Zooboppo’s findings using this liker here.

Would you be interesting in Pokemon Amiibo? Would you have enough money to buy all 700? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Source: Reddit

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