Rumor: Future Splatoon Update Adds Playable Octolings And More

A new rumor has emerged regarding potential new Splatoon content that is scheduled in a future update. Twitter user NWPlayer has allegedly data mined the code for Splatoon which revealed a number of new inclusions for Splatoon.

First up, if these rumors are indeed true, the Octolings will be playable in Splatoon. The user has uploaded a string of images showcasing the Octolings in action, complete with the accompanying text. You can check out the images below.  NWPlayer123 speculates that the Octolings will eventually be included in a future update for Splatoon.

Welcome to the Octo Research Lab. We’re a branch of the Squid Research Lab that studies all things Octarian.¬†Octolings are the counterpart to the Inklings you know and love. They’re sneaky little suckers, so watch out.

splatoon octoling 1

Because Octolings are a different species, they also have their own Humanoid form and Octo form. Eureka indeed!

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Octolings also have their own unique specials, too. Take for instance the Kraken.

One of the tidbits revealed in the series of tweets, is that Nintendo plans to release a new batch of Amiibo which includes the Octoling.

Embedded image permalink

This includes your very own Octoling amiibo, as well as a Callie and Marie amiibo. Note: Callie and Marie Amiibo is speculation on the users part.

NWplayer123 has also revealed to unreleased weapons: the Hydra Splatling and the Tri-slosher.

splatoon hydra splattling

The Hydra Splatling is obviously a Gattling gun with the Splat Bomb and Echo Locator combination.

splatoon tri-slosher

Meanwhile, the Tri-slosher is a bucket weapon type with the Splat Bomb and Bubbler combination.

I think it is important to mention that these are still rumor and only confirmed when officially announced by Nintendo. There are hacks that have Octolings playable in Splatoon.

What are your thoughts? Would you like Octolings to be playable in Splatoon? Are you convinced? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Full credit to NWPlayer123 for the images. Please go follow the user on Twitter.

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