Rumor: Diddy Kong Racing 2 Moved to NX; Console Priced At $150

I know many readers are not too fond on publications reporting on rumors from untrustworthy and shaky sources. I personally find no harm in reporting the odd rumor as long as it isĀ grounded and somewhat reasonable. And besides indulging ourselves in juicy rumor only adds to the excitement of being a gamer.

Last year a rumor emerged suggesting that a Diddy Kong Racing sequel was in the works for the Wii U. The same source has now updated the supposed progression of the title. Kevin Callahan has suggested that Diddy Kong Racing 2 has been moved to the NX and will launch in 2016. Furthermore he has also said that NX will be priced at $150 and will feature similar architecture to the Wii U.

Mr Callahan has provided three points that theoretically strengthen his claims:

  • Nintendo confirmed Retro isn’t working on a Metroid Prime titles(cited IGN article)
  • Nintendo applied for a Diddy Kong trademark in Europe
  • Iwata holding banana at the E3 2015 Digital event.

His reasoning aren’t particularly convincing, especially the first and third points. On the comments made to IGN, Nintendo isn’t going to confirm the existence of a title secretly in development to a media publication and will likely beat around the bush, which I suspect these comments were. And the third… clearly that is a homage to the internet meme.

I suspect in due time that this rumor will be proven as false and fabrication. Sure Diddy Kong Racing 2 could be in the works, but a $150 console to succeed the Wii U? I can’t for a second give this claim any credence, unless somehow it is a handheld.

Let me know what you think about the rumor in the comment section below.

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