Pokemon Z Leak: Zygarde’s New Forms & New Title Announcement

Scans from the latest issue of the japanese print publication – Coro Coro – has leaked a number of new information regarding the next entry in the mainline Pokemon series.

The scans from the magazine showcases Zygardes various forms. As shown, Zygarde has 3 forms representing different levels of completion. At its 10% form, Zygarde largely resembles a hound, At its 50% form, Zygarde takes the form that we know from Pokemon X/Y. Finally at 100%, Zygarde becomes a bipedal being with large claws.

Back in July, Coro Coro showed a teaser image of this same Pokemon. We can finally confirm that the mystery Pokemon is Zygarde in its 100% form.

pokemon z zygarde

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Furthermore, a new anime season announced called Pokemon XY&Z has been announced. A new form of Greninja will play a staring role in the new season. It is most likely that the new form of Greninja is a Mega Evolution, which should put more weight that the other XY starters will be receiving their own mega evolved form.

With this round of information, the announcement of Pokemon Z is almost certain and it should be around the corner. I suspect in the next coming days that Pokemon Z will be officially announced for the Nintendo 3DS and perhaps tentatively for the Nintendo NX.

We’ll be sure to cover any breaking news promptly regarding Pokemon, so be sure to check back here regularly.

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  1. Greninja is called ash-greninja in the new anime

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