Pokemon XY Walkthrough: How To Catch All Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon XY – Legendary Pokemon Locations

Pokemon XY features a number of Legendary Pokemon for players to catch. Although the number of Legendary’s may not be comparable with Pokemon game of the past, finding them and subsequently catching them is still a fun endeavor. Like previous Pokemon games, locating and catching these fabled legendary Pokemon can be a difficult task to complete.

So I’ve decided to make a quick guide on how to catch every Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon XY.

Please Note: This guide does not include how to capture event Pokemon like Hoopa, Diancie or Volcanion. It will only include legendary’s that can be caught through normal gameplay.

Basics to capturing Legendary Pokemon

The capture rate for Legendary Pokemon are significantly lower than the average common Pokemon. Therefore, it would be foolish to think that you can simply throw a Pokeball to catch them.

Follow these principles when attempting to capture a Legendary Pokemon:

  • Save your game before entering a legendary encounter
  • Bring plenty of Ultra Balls ( I always carry 60 Ultra Balls at all times)
  • Bring plenty of Hyper Potion or Full Restores ( Your Pokemon will be soaking up hits while you attempt to capture the Legendary)
  • Have a Pokemon that can afflict status (Sleep or Paralysis)
  • Always attempt to reduce the Legendary Pokemon’s health to red ( Having a Pokemon with False Swipe will help)

Following these basic rules will greatly assist in your journey to capture all legendary Pocket Monsters.

how to catch yveltal xerneas pokemon xy

Yveltal And Xerneas

Yveltal or Xerneas (depending on the version you purchased) are naturally encountered by playing the main story normally. They are encountered at Team Flares hideout at Geosenge Town and will be at Level 50. This is a story event, so you should not be concerned about missing your chance to capture them. The capture rate is a quite high for a legendary Pokemon, so you shouldn’t face to many problems here.

how to catch zygarde in pokemon xy

Catching Zygarde

Zygare will be available for capture after having beaten the Pokemon League and have become the Champion. Zygarde is located at the depth of Terminus Cave. In case you don’t know, Terminus is located at Route 18 marked by the mining carts and broken tracks. You will need to travel to the deepest basement to find Zygarde. Zygarde will be Level 70 and will have Crunch, Earthquake, Camouflage and Dragon Pulse.


Catching Mewtwo

Mewtwo can be found at the Unknown Cave located at the Pokemon Village. To access the Pokemon Village navigate through the Winding Forest which is south of Snowbelle City. Once you are at the Pokemon Village, surf the waters from the south east corner up to the north. You should notice a waterfall and on the right a Cave. Enter the cave to encounter Mewtwo. Mewtwo will be at Level 70 and will have Psychic, Aura Sphere, Barrier and Recover. This will be the hardest Pokemon to capture in the game, so you might want to consider using the Master Ball to capture it.

how to catch zapdos, articuno, moltres feature

Catching the Legendary Birds: Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno

In Pokemon XY, you are allowed the opportunity to capture one of three legendary birds: Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno. The Bird that you are able to catch is dependent on what starter Pokemon you selected at the beginning of your journey.

  • Select Chespin and Articuno will be available
  • Select Fennekin¬†and Zapdos¬†will be available
  • Select Froakie and Moltres will be available.

After beating the Pokemon League, the legendary bird will begin to roam Kalos. You will need to track it down a number of times before it settles down at the Sea Spirit Den. There is a trick to hunting down the birds. After your first encounter with the legendary bird, open your Pokedex and select National Dex. Go down the list until you find the respective bird and you will see on the map screen a red line. This indicates the current location of the bird. All you need to do is quickly travel to that area and search the grass. A special encounter of the Bird will eventually happen. The bird will automatically flee, so you will need to repeat the process numerous times until it settles down at the Sea Spirit den.

Articuno, Moltres or Zapdos will be level 70 and will likely put up a decent fight. Remember all the basic principles of catching a legendary and you should have the bird in no time.

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