Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon – Mega Evolution Guide

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon does indeed feature the fable Mega Evolution, which is a first for the dungeon sub branch series. However, Mega Evolution’s work differently in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon than when compared to the mainline RPG Series. Considering there is theoretically no Trainer to Pokemon bond to initiate the Mega Evolution, the developers have found a work around solution to the problem.

Instead of using Pokemon specific Mega Stone’s, Chunsoft has opted for Emera’s stones, more specifically the Awakening Emera’s. Emera’s are items that appear in dungeons and can only be used in the dungeons that you found them from. ¬†When you leave a dungeon they will disappear from your bag and Looplet. (Looplets are the item that you attach the Emera’s to).

To Mega Evolve a Pokemon, you simply need to attach an Awakening Emera to the respective Pokemon that has a Mega Evolved form. When you initiate a battle, the Pokemon will naturally mega evolve. For example, to Mega Evolve Absol attach an Awakening Emera to Absols looplet. For Pokemon that have more than one Mega form (like Charizard and Mewtwo), the Mega Evolution version will be selected at random.

For your convenience, below is a list of all Pokemon that can Mega Evolve:

Venusaur Ampharos Manectric Sceptile Latias
Charizard Scizor Banette Swampert Rayquaza
Alakazam Houndoom Garchomp Sharpedo Gallade
Gengar Tyranitar Lucario Camerupt Audino
Kangaskhan Blaziken Abomasnow Altaria Diancie
Pinsir Gardevoir Beedrill Glalie
Gyarados Mawile Pidgeot Salamence
Aerodactyl Aggron Slowbro Metagross
Mewtwo Medicham Steelix Latios


5 Comments on "Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon – Mega Evolution Guide"

  1. Ok this makes no sense of it describing you yourself as a Pokemon that is able to mega evolve because for example im Charizard in the game and he can mega evolve. Can only other Pokemon evolve or can you mega evolve as well?

  2. i think emeras dissapearing sucks.

  3. So if you get a awakening emra it will mega evolve it automatically

  4. Anonymous #2 | June 18, 2016 at 2:05 am | Reply

    Do they stay Mega evolved permanently? Or do they just stay mega evolved until the end of the dungeon?

  5. anonymous #2 i have beaten the game and from my experience they only stay mega until you exit the dungeon

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