Pokemon Sun/ Moon Guide: How To Catch All Legendary Pokemon

Looking for a guide on how to catch all Legendary Pokemon in Sun & Moon? Look no further. This is a simple and easy guide on how to catch all Legendary Pokemon in Sun & Moon.


Besides the signature Legendaries, you will need to have completed the game in order to encounter and therefore capture all the Legendaries.


The legendaries in Sun and Moon are at a high level when you encounter them. The Island Guardians will be at level 60, so therefore prepare a team that are able to sponge a number of hits and able to chip away HP to weaken legendaries. It is also advisable to bring to inflict sleep or paralysis as it will increase the capture rate and also allow you to have a few free turns to throw Pokeballs.

Like with the previous Pokemon games, it is always advisable to bring plenty of Ultra Balls and always save before entering an encounter with a Legendary.


Solgaleo & Lunala

Solgaleo and Lunala need little to no explaination. The signature legendary Pokemon will encountered as you progress deeplly into the game. I won’t go into details as they will spoil the game. Unfortunately, each Pokemon are exclusive to their respective versions. So if you want both you will need to obtain one through trade or own the other version.


Tapu Koko

Tapu Koko become available to capture after beating the game and becoming Champion of the region. Tapu Koko is an in-game event so the battle is inevitable. Ensure you carry along plenty of Ultra balls and a Pokemon able to sponge hits during the battle. You will be asked to accompany Lillie to the Ruins of Conflict, where you will encounter Tapu Koko. The Legendary pokemon will be at level 60, so do expect a tough fight.


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Tapu Lele

Tapu Lele can be found in the Ruins of Life just north of Route 9. To encounter the legendary Pokemon, simply interact with the statue at the end of the ruins. Tapu Lele will be at level 60.


Tapu Bulu

Tapu Bulu can be found in the Ruins of Abundance which is north of the Haina Deserts. To get to the Ruins of the Abundance make you were north by sticking to the eastern path and you should eventually make your way to the Ruins of Abundance. Interact with the statue at the end of the ruins to encounter Tapu Bulu. Tapu Bulu will be a difficult encounter so be prepared for a hard fought capture.


Tapu Fini

Tapu Fini can be found in the Ruins of Life (which can be found at the bottom right sector of Poni Island). Interact with the statue at the end of the ruins to encounter Tapu Fini. Heed my warn Tapu Fini will put an incredible fight and is arguable one of the most difficult Pokemon to capture in the game.



The very last legendary Pokemon in Sun and Moon is Necrozma. However, there is a prerequisites before you are able to capture Necrozma. In order to have Necrozma appear before you, you will need to have captured (I believe) all Ultra beasts. Once you have capture all the capture all the ultra beast, make your way to Ten Carat Hill, which is South west of the first Pokemon centre (near your house) at Melemele Island. You will need to ride Tauros to gain entrance. Enter the Farthest Hollow and run and around the grass to encounter Necrozma. Necrozma will be at Level 75, so naturally it will be a very tough fight. It is my recommendation that you use the Master Ball to capture Necrozma.

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