Pokemon Sun and Moon: All Mega Stone Locations

Pokemon Sun and Moon: All Mega Stone Locations

Mega Evolution’s are making a welcome return in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The signature feature from generation 6 allowing Pokemon to go transform beyond their usual form into a stronger evolution added an extra layer of depth to an already complex battle system. Game Freaks are known to introduce interesting new ideas into the Pokemon series, but then have them excluded in the net generation. Ideas like Pokemon buddies (if that’s the correct term0, beauty contests and Secret bases are all nice features but they haven’t remained as series staples. For now it appears Mega Evolutions will be a mainstay of the series.

This guide will show you how to get all Mega Stones in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Getting the Key Stone and Alakazite

You can only receive the key stone and therefore access to Mega Stones after completing the game. If you have completed make your way to the Ancient Poni path. Looking at the map, you will want to traverse down to the bottom right of the area. Here you will meet Dexio and Sina. A battle against Dexio will commence. Defeat him and you will be rewarded with the Key Stone and an Alakazite.

Battle Tree Mega Stones

Unfortunately, Mega stones are harder to obtain in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Instead of the stones being scatterd across the land for the trainers to find, most Mega stones can be exchanged for battle points at the Battle Tree concierge. To get the majority of Mega stones you will simply need to grind for Battle Points. Fair warning each stone does cost 64 points so expect a hard grind.

The following stones can be purchased at the Battle Tree:

  • Gengarite
  • Scizorite
  • Pinsirite
  • Aerodactylite
  • Lucarionite
  • Kanghaskanite
  • Gyaradosite
  • Absolite
  • Garchompite
  • Sablenite
  • Metagrossite
  • Sharpedonite
  • Slowbronite
  • Glatitite
  • Salamencite

How to get Charizadite Y, Charizardite X, Venusaurite and Blastioisinite

A little more thought has gone into obtaining the Kanto starters Mega stones. In order to get the Kanto starter mega stones, you will need to beat Red who is the 20th trainer in Super Single challenge at the Battle Tree. To gain access to Super Single challenge, you will need to have beaten the normal single challenge. After beating Red, he will appear in game near the PC. Speak to him and you will be rewarded with Charizadite Y, Charizardite X, Venusaurite and Blastioisinite.

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