Pokemon Shuffle Passcode For the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo’s connect three puzzles – Pokemon Shuffle – was released for mobile yesterday. Reports have from player have revealed that playing the mobile version of Pokemon Shuffle will give you a number of Passcodes to use for the Nintendo 3DS version.

The Passcodes will give you bonuses to use in Pokemon Shuffle 3DS. It is my understanding that many of these Passcodes are a one time use, so be wise to when you want to redeem the bonus after entering the passcodes.

  • 1.5 Experience Bonus Item – 86001508
  • 100 Coins – 86010010
  • 200 Coins – 08620009
  • 300 Coins – 08630007
  • 400 Coins – 86040006
  • 500 Coins – 08650005
  • 1000 Coins – 86100002
  • Mega Speed Up – 08645601
  • + 10 Time Bonus item – 08601003
  • + 5 Moves Bonus Item – 86000504

Please note that you will need to have the latest update of Pokemon Shuffle 3DS and enter the codes before September 20 to be able to use the passcodes.

As someone who regularly plays Pokemon Shuffle, these passcodes are valuable and will greatly assist you in the game. So be sure to take advantage of these bonus while you still can.

As always, for all the latest updates on Pokemon Shuffle stay tunes at Nintendo News Fix.

Source: Serebii

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