Pokemon Shuffle Guide: All Mega Evolutions And Mega Stone

How to get all Mega Evolved Pokemon and Mega Stones In Pokemon Shuffle

Pokemon Shuffle features a number of Mega Evolved Pokemon to use in-battle. Apart from the obvious boost in strength, Mega Evolved Pokemon in Pokemon Shuffle have special abilities that can give you a distinct advantage in particular challenges.

There are a total of 15 Mega evolved Pokemon and Mega Stones to collect in Pokemon Shuffle. If you want to know how to get every Mega Stone and use every Mega Evolution in Pokemon Shuffle, then look further to Nintendo News Fix’s guide.

Here is a simple a guide on how to capture all the Mega Evolution’s in Pokemon Shuffle and  obtain the respective Mega Stones.

1. Mega Audino

Where can you catch Audino: Puerto Blanco – Stage 9

Where do you get the Audinite: Puerto Blanco – Stage 10

2. Mega Kangaskhan

Where can you catch Kangaskhan: Sand Bazaar – Stage 19

Where do you get the Kangaskhaninte: Sand Bazaar – Stage 20

3. Mega Sableye

Where can you catch Sableye: Night Festival – Stage 24

Where do you get the Sablenite: Night Festival – Stage 30

4. Mega Lopunny

Where can you catch Lopunny: Rainbow Park – Stage 52

Where do you get the Lopunnite: Rainbow Park – Stage 60

5. Mega Slowbro

Where can you catch Slowbro: Galerie Rouge – Stage 69

Where do you get the Slowbronite: Isla Azul – Stage 45

6. Mega Mawile

Where can you catch Mawile: Rainbow Park – Stage 51

Where do you get the Mawilite: Bon Bon Boulevard – Stage 90

7. Mega Glalie

Where can you catch Glalie: Mt Vinter – Stage 108

Where do you get the Glalite: Mt Vinter – Stage 120

8. Mega Altaria

Where can you catch Altaria: Mt Vinter – Stage 118

Where do you get the Altarianite: Galerie Rouge – Stage 75

9. Mega Ampharos

Where can you catch Ampharos: Castle Noapte – Stage 130

Where do you get the Ampharosite: Silvern Museum – Stage 105

10. Mega Aerodactyl

Where can you catch Aerodactyl: Sylbern Museum – Stage 104

Where do you get the Aerodactylite: Wacky Worship – Stage 180

11. Mega Gengar

Where can you catch Gengar: Castle Noapte – Stage 125

Where do you get the Gengarite: Castle Noapte – Stage 135

12. Mega Mewtwo y

Where can you catch Mewtwo: Expert Stage 20

Where do you get the Mewtwonite Y: Jungle Verde – Stage 150

13. Mega Lucario

Where can you catch Lucario: Expert Stage 3

Where do you get the Lucarionite: Special Competitive Stage

14. Mega Blastoise

Where can you catch Blastoise: Expert Stage 8

Where do you get the blastoisinite: Special Competitive Stage

I hope this guide helps. As always, I will update the article when more Mega Evolved Pokemon become available.

Meanwhile, if you are having trouble with Pokemon Shuffle then please check our Pokemon Shuffle Beginners Guide.

3 Comments on "Pokemon Shuffle Guide: All Mega Evolutions And Mega Stone"

  1. I play on the Android app version. I got a Mewtwo that has room for a Mega Stone, but cant find the stone. The guide online doesnt even reference Mewtwo. Help please!

    • Stage 150 is where you can get a Mewtwonite Y.
      There’s a lot of Pokémon missing form this guide since more Pokémon have been added since it was published. I believe the guide on serebii.net is up to date. Good luck!

  2. You can also get Lucarionite, Absolite, Charizardite Y, Blastoisinite and Venusaurite through the Mission Cards on Android, not sure about 3DS

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