Pokemon Shuffle Beginners Guide: Tips And Tricks

The Ultimate Begginers Guide To Pokemon Shuffle

Welcome to Nintendo News Fix’s beginners guide to Pokemon Shuffle. This is the most comprehensive beginners guide to Pokemon shuffle. It will take you through all the basic gameplay mechanics, principles and a few tips’n’tricks to get you started with Nintendo’s addictive free-to-play title.

The basic gameplay mechanics

Pokemon shuffle is an interesting take on the match-3 gameplay popularized by bejewel and adapted into many popular mobile game such as candy crush saga.

Your essential goal is to wear down the hit-points of the wild Pokemon to zero. To do this you will have to line-up 3 or more of the same Pokemon icons in a vertical or horizontal. Unlike Bejewel where you can only move icons adjacently, Pokemon shuffle allows you to swap the position of any icon on the grid. Successful linking the same Pokemon will cause damage to the opposing Pokemon.

pokemon shuffle beginners guide 1

The amount of damage dealt to the foe Pokemon is dependent on how many on the length of the link and how many different icons you can match in a singe turn. Take for example scenario number one shown in the image above. If I swap the Charmander Icon with the Bulbasaur Icon (as shown by the red square marks), I can match a line of 5 Bulbasaur Icons vertically.

However, this is not the best move to optimize damage output. As shown in scenario 2, I can swap the Charmander Icon with a different Bulbasaur icon to match a line of 5 Bulbasaur and a line of 3 Charmanders.  Alternatively in scenario 3, I can swap the respective icons to match a line of 4 Charmanders and 3 Bulbasaurs. But clearly making the move shown in scenario 2 will cause the most damage.

Recognizing different scenario’s quickly and selecting the right move to maximize damage output is key to success in Pokemon Shuffle, particularly as there is a limit in turns for each battle.

Capturing Pokemon

After defeating a Pokemon in battle, you will be given the opportunity to capture it afterwards. Each Pokemon has their base capture rate, but you can improve the rate by having additional turns remaining after the battle. For example, Charmander has a base capture rate of 50%. However, after defeating Charmander, I have 10 leftover turns from a battle of 15 move battle, the game will reward me by raising the capture rate up top 99%. Essentially, the more efficient you are in battle, the higher the capture rate.

There’s another method to increasing rate and that is by using a Great Ball. Great Ball can be purchased at the in-game store for 2500 coins. Since they are so dear, it is advisable to use the great ball for Legendary’s and Pokemon with low capture rates.

Capturing Pokemon after battles are particularly useful for future battles which I will explain below! As a general tip try to capture every Pokemon you encounter, it may be useful down the line.

Type weakness and team optimization

pokemon shuffle beginners guide 3

This wouldn’t be a Pokemon game if it did not utilize the rock-paper-scissor type weakness system. In addition to optimizing icon matches, damage output can be maximized by matching Pokemon Icons whose typing is super-effective against the foe Pokemon. For example, If I were against a Torchic (a fire type), matching Mudkip ( a water type) Icons whose typing is super effective would be the most appropriate move.

pokemon shuffle beginners guide 2

This is where capturing Pokemon becomes important. You can select up to four Pokemon to bring into the battle. These Pokemon essentially are the icons that will appear in the bottom grid. This is where carefully planning and having a wide variety of Pokemon becomes useful. You can deliberately select one or more Pokemon  from the ones you have captured whose type effectiveness is strong against the opposing. Having a team that has a distinct advantage over the opponent will ultimately result in a more efficient and easier battle.

The opposite is also true. If you have team that only does neutral or even worst not-very effective damage, the battle will be prolonged and ultimately be more frustrating. Pokemon Shuffle does have an automatic team optimization button that does job well for you. But you can pick and chose by clicking the Pokeball Icon.

How to use Mega Evolved Pokemon

pokemon shuffle beginners guide 4

As you progress through the game a number of Mega Evolved Pokemon becomes available for you to use. Mega Evolved Pokemon deal more damage and have special abilities. In order to use a particularly Mega Evolved Pokemon, you will need to have captured its base form and have the respective mega stone. Firstly, you will need to have the respective Mega Evolved Pokemon in the first slot of your team. Secondly, to activate the Mega Evolution, you will need to fill the Mega-evolutionmeter on the bottom screen by successfully matching the icon of the respective Pokemon. For example, using the scenario shown in the image above, I want to Mega Evolve my Slowbro, my goal would be focusing on matching Slowbro icons to fill up the meter.

How to get more hearts and coins in Pokemon Shuffle

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Sadly, Pokemon Shuffle has been hindered by the Free-to-play model. You cannot continuously play the title as you are limited by a counter. When you start up the game, you will naturally have 5 heart. As you enter a battle, one heart counter is used and when they eventually deplete you cannot play until you replenish hearts. Hearts naturally replenish every 3o minutes and you will be back to 5 hearts in 2.5 hours. Alternatively, you can exchange a Jewel for more hearts at the in-game shop. Jewel are scarcely scattered in normal gameplay and are few and far between. Alternatively you can be purchase Jewel at the Nintendo eShop for a price and then exchange the jewel for additional hearts. In my opinion, I would not purchase additional jewels to replenish hearts. I would just would wait for time to pass or hope for a Streetpass hit to get more jewels.

To get more coins, play the game normally and hoard them like no tomorrow. A few additional tips include checking in daily to get 500 coins, play the Meowth event (I believe is available on Saturday and Sundays) and play the special events to earn more.

As a general rule of thumb, you will want to save your jewels and coins for a particularly difficult challenge.

Learning and following these tips and tricks will set yourself up for success in Pokemon Shuffle. I hope you found Nintendo News Fix Pokemon Shuffle Beginners Guide.

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