Pokemon Shuffle Adds Mega Swampert Event

A new content update for the free-to-play title – Pokemon Shuffle – is now available for users to dive into.

Firstly, a competition for Swampertite has been added into the mix. Shufflers that score and rank among the top in each respective region will be rewarded with a covenant Swampertite that can be used to mega evolve Swampert.

In order to qualify for the mega stone, you will need to rank in the top 12,000 in Europe, 18,000 in North America or 50,000 in Japan. The competition for Swampertite will end on January 12.

Secondly a new opportunity to capture the legendary genie – Tornadus – has presented itself. The special Tornadus stage will remain live until January 12, giving fans ample time to capture the genie.

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Source: Serebii


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  1. I didn’t get the stone my score was 18,879 I just got the jewel

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