Pokemon ORAS: All Mega Stone Locations

All Mega Stone Locations In Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Do you need help finding all the Mega Stone Locations in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire? Do you need help finding the exact location? Then good news; I have made this helpful guide detailing the exactly locations of all the Mega Stones.

Firstly, I highly recommend that you beat the Pokemon League and finish the Delta episode, before resuming the hunt for the Mega Stones. This ensures that all requisites are met for the stones to appear across Hoenn.

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Absolite – Mega Absol 

You will need an Acro Bike. Enter the Safari Zone and head west until you find two stumps that you can jump on with the Acro Bike. Jump on the rails and head North to find  the Absolite.


Aggronite – Mega Aggron

You will need HM Rock Smash. Inside Rusturf Tunnel, via Vendasurf entrance. Help clear out the route, by using rock smash. Doing so, you will be rewarded with Aggronite.


Alakazite – Mega Alakazam

Located at Slateport City Market. Head to the bottom right corner to find Alakazite.


Altarianite – Mega Altaria

You will need an Altaria. Located at Lilycove City. Talk to the guy to the house right of the Pokemon Centre and show him your Altaria. Doing so, you will be rewarded with the Altarianite.


Banettite – Mega Bannette

Located at the Summit of My Pyre. Can be found on the right side among the building rubble.

Beedrillite – Mega Beedrill

Located at Sea Mauville.

Step 1: Talk to the little girl on the right side of the deck. She will give you the key to Room 1.

Step 2. Head to room 2 and check the lockers for key to Room 2

Step 3.  Enter Room 2 and talk to the girl to be given the key to Room 6.

Step 4. Enter Room 6 and continue through the next door to find yourself outside. Surf and talk to the fisherman. After answering a series of question you will be given the key to Room 4.

Step 5. Enter the Room 4 to get the storage key.

Step 6. The storage Room can be accessed from the area as the Fisherman in Step 4. Inside you will find the Beedrillite.


Garchompite – Mega Garchomp

Achieve Master Rank for the Secret Base Guild at Fortree City. Essentially, you will need to collect 1000 flags from other Secret bases.


Glalititte – Mega Glalitite

Located at Shoal Cave during low tide (3 am – 9 am). Traverse the ice floor until you reach the Glalititte.


Gyaradosite – Mega Gyarados

Located inside the house at Route 123. Inside the house scratch the Poochhyena to receive the Gyaradosite.


Heracronite – Mega Heracross

Located at Route 127. Found among on the right side among the sand. Look for a narrow passage.


Lucarionite – Mega Lucario

Located at Lilycove City Pokemon Contest. Beat Lucia at the master rank contest.


Manectite – Mega Manectric

Located at Route 110 inside the cycling road. Found at the bottom right.


Mawilite – Mega Mawile

Located at the Verdanturf Town. Find the small opening at the bottom sector of the town to collect Mawilite.


Medichamite – Mega Medicham

Located at the top floor of the graveyard at Mt Pyre. The stone is located at the right of the shrine.


Pidgeotite – Mega Pidgeot

Located at Verdaturf Town and Rustboro. Talk to the little girl near Wally’s Uncles house. She explains that her Shroomish is missing go to the center of the town and examine the sign. Doing so will reveal the Shroomish. After helping her, you will be rewarded with the Intriguing Stone. Fly to Rustboro City and talk to Mr. Stone (the head of Devon Corp), he will give you Pidgeotite.


Pinsirite – Mega Pinsir

Located at Route 124. You will need a Pokemon with Dive. Just after leaving Lilycove city, stick to the bottom to find a dark patch to dive down to. Follow the path to find glimmering light to dive above. Outside you will find a sand island that holds Pinsirite.


Sablenite – Mega Sableye

Located at Sootopolis city. Can be found at the bottom right corner before the Cave of Origins.


Slowbronite – Mega Slowbro

Located at Shoal Cave. You need to collect 4 Shoal Shell and 4 Shoal Salts, then return to the old man to be rewarded with a Shell Bell and a Slowbronite. Please note you will need to visit the Shoal Cave at both low and high tide to collect the items.


Steelixite – Mega Steelix

Located at Granite Cave. You will need a Mach Bike. Head inside Granite and use the Mach Bike to climb the steep path. Enter the extended area, and head to the bottom right corner down to the basement area. In the basement area head to the north area to find Steelixite.


Blazikenite, Sceptilite and Swampertite

Can be bought from the Old Man near Fallarbor Town.


Abomasite – Mega Abomasnow

Located at Route 123Bery Field. Found at the North sector.


Aerodactylite – Mega Aerodactyl

Lcocated at Meteor Falls. Enter the extended area by using Waterfall. In the new area, walk to the bottom right and climb down the ladder. Once down the ladder, head to the top left corner and climb up the ladder. In the next room go up the slope. Now you want to go down the slope, but keep to the left side. At the last plateau, you will see Aerodactylite among two rocks.


Ampharosite – Mega Ampharos

Talk to Gym Leader Wattson located at the middle of Mauville City (if he is not there you may have already spoken to him).  Now you will want to go to New Mauville City to find the Ampharosite at the top right corner.

charizardite x

Charizardite X – Mega Charizard X

Located at the Fiery Path. You will need a Pokemon with Strength. Charizardite X is located at the bottom left corner.

charizardite y

Charizardite Y – Mega Charizard Y

Inside Scorhed Slab (where Heatran was caught). Found at the bottom left corner of the second floor.


Gardervoirite – Mega Gardevoir

Located at Verdaturf Town. Given to you by the women in the house located at the bottom right.


Houndoominite – Mega Houndoom

Located at Lavaridge. Found at bottom right corner.


Kangaskhanite – Mega Kangaskhan

Located at Pacifildog Town. Found behind the sign next to the Pokemon Centre.


Lopunnite – Mega Lopunny

Talk to the Business man twice found in the second floor of Mauville City. You will need to to talk to Gym Lead Wattson to access the second floor.

metwonite y

Mewtwonite Y – Mega Mewtwo Y

Outside the Pokemon League.

mewtwonite x

Mewtwonite X – Mega Metwo X

Located at the bottom left corner of Littleroot Town.


Tyranitarite – Mega Tyranitar

Located at the Jagged Pass. On the bottom right slope. You can use the Acro Bike to reach there from Lavaridge Town.


Scizorite – Mega Scizor

Located at the top right section of Petalburg Woods.


Venusaurite – Mega Venusaur

Found at the bottom of Route 119. Located among the high grass.


Cameruptite or Sharpedonite (depending on version)

Given to you when you first reach the Battle Resort. The other can be found at Team Aqua/Magmar Hideout (naturally obtained by completing the Delta Episode).


Audinite – Mega Audino

Located at the Battle Resort. Find a man with amnesia at the right side of the resort (near the surf).  You will need to tell him where he is, try Hoenn Resort as an answer. Now you will need to meet him at his house located among the warf. Talk to the man again and you will be rewarded with Audinite.


Gengarite – Mega Gengar

Located at the Battle Resort.  Head all the way to the left of the resort to find a lone Cabin (follow the beach). Go inside to find the Gengarite.


Blastoisinite – Mega Blastoise

Go to Slateport City and select to sail to Lilycove City with the SS Tidal. You will be able to to explore the deck of the SS tidal. Head all the way to the right to the next section. There you will find the Blastoisinite.


Galladite – Mega Gallade 

Located at Fallarbor Town. Go inside Professors Cosmo’s house and speak with him; doing so you will be rewarded with Galladite.


Salamencite – Mega Salamence

Talk to the old lady at Meteor falls.


Latiosite/Latiasite – Mega Latios/Mega Latias (the stone you did not get in your version)

Talk to your mum at Littleroot Town after completing the Delta Episode.


Metagrossite – Mega Metagross.

Rematch Steven at the Pokemon League. Defeating him will reward you with the Metagrossite.



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