Pokemon ORAS: How To Catch Feebas

How To Catch Feebas With 100% Catch Rate With Super Rod.

Back in the original Ruby and Sapphire, catching Feebas was an extremely difficult and tedious task. The trouble was that the brown fish only appeared in 6 tiles of the surfing area at route 119, depending on what answer made at Dewford Town. Thankfully, in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire catching Feebas is made a little easier.

I have found a way that will guarantee that you will catch Feebas with every cast of the Super Rod. Firstly, you will need to go to Route 119 when it is raining. I haven’t tried in other conditions (when it is sunny or thundering), but for now this trick will work when it is raining heavily. Secondly, you will need to visit route 119 during the day. I have confirmed that this trick does not work during the evening. And finally, you will need to have the Super Rod.

From Fortree City you will want to head down Route 119 to the river and surf into the water. Once inside, you will need to surf direct under the wooden bridge in the northern area. As a rule of thumb, the water colored with the shadow of the bridge is your fishing area. Use the Super Rod in the shadowed water and I will guarantee when done right, Feebas will bite in every cast.

This trick has worked for me, but I am still working on the finer details to figure out why it has worked. I’ll update the story when I have discovered something new. ┬áIf you are having any problems let me know. Alternatively, if you are frustrated and it does not work, you can politely ask for a Feebas from me, by messaging myself at Nintendo News Fix Facebook page (located to the right).

Good luck and happy fishing!

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