Pokemon ORAS: Gym Leader Guide

Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire Gym Leader Guide

If you are the type of person who creates teams based on the gym leaders of respective region, then I suppose creating Gym Leader Guide would be appropriate in order to plan for the looming challenges ahead.

Normally, Gym leaders are quite easy and the leaders of Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire are no exception to this rule, but it is good to know what lies ahead,

Rostboro City Gym – Roxanne

  • Type Specialty: Rock Types
  • Badge Name: Stone Badge
  • Reward: TM 39 – Rock Tomb
  • Pokemon: Geodude Level 12, Nosepass Level 14 (Harden, Tackle, Rock Tomb

Dewford Town Gym – Brawly

  • Type Specialty: Fighting Type
  • Badge Name: Knuckle Badge
  • Reward: TM 08 – Bulk Up
  • Pokemon: Machop Level 14, Makuhita Level 16 (Arm Thrust, Sand Attack)

Mauville City Gym – Wattson

  • Type Specialty: Electric Type
  • Badge Name: Dynamo Badge
  • Reward: TM 72 – Volt Switch
  • Pokemon: Magnemite Lv 19, Voltorb Lv 19, Magneton Lv 21 (Supersonic, Magnet Bomb)

Lavaridge Town Gym – Flannery

  • Type Specialty: FIre
  • Badge Name: Heat Badge
  • Reward: TM 50 – Overheat
  • Pokemon: Slugma Lv 26, Numel Lv 26, Torkoal Lv 28 (Curse, Overheat, Sunny Day, Body Slam

Petalburg City Gym – Norman

  • Type Specialty: Normal
  • Badge Name: Balance Badge
  • Reward: TM 67 – Retaliate
  • Pokemon: Slaking Lv 28, Vigoroth Lv 28, Slaking Lv 30 ( Swagger, Chip Away)

Fortree City Gym- Winona

  • Type Specialty: Flying Type
  • Badge Name: Feather Badge
  • Reward: TM 14 – Roost
  • Pokemon: Swellow Lv 33, Pelipper Lv 33, Skarmory Lv 33, Altaria Lv 35 (Cotton Guad, Dragon Breather, Roost)

Mossdeep City Gym – Lizzie and Tate

  • Type Specialty: Rock/Psychic Type
  • Badge Name: Mind Badge
  • Battle Type: Double Battle
  • Reward: Tm 04 – Calm Mind
  • Pokemon: Solrock Lv 45 (Solar Beam) and Lunatone  Lv 45(Rock Slide, Light Screen)

Sootopolis City Gym – Wallace

  • Type Specialty: Water
  • Badge Name: Rain Badde
  • Reawar: HM 05 -Waterfall
  • Pokemon: Luvdisc LV 44, Sealeo Lv 44, Whischash Lv 44, Seaking lv 44,  Milotic 46 (Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Recover)

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