Guide: Catching Regigigas In Pokemon ORAS

How To Catch Regigigas


  • Have Registeel, Regice and Regirock in Party.
  • Have Regice hold a specific Ice item; plus give it a nickname.

The last Regi legendary Pokemon – Regigigas – is precarious Pocket Monster to catch. I can’t recall any Pokemon with so many complicated and specific requirements in order to be caught. With this said, it would appropriate to write up a quick post detailing the exact steps and requirements in order to catch Regigigas in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Step 1: Obtaining the Regi Triplets: Registeel, Regice and Regirock

Your first round of orders is to catch Registeel, Regirock and Regice. There are a number of requirements needed to catch the three Regi legendaries. For the complete and most comprehensive guide on how to catch Registeel, Regice and Regirock check out Nintendo News Fix’s guide.

Step 2: Naming your Regice

The second step is that you must give your Regice a nickname. If you caught Regice and did not give it a nickname, you can give it a nick by visiting the Name Rater at Slateport City.

Step 3: Go to Pacifidlog Town

Fly to Pacifidlog Town and go inside the house right of the Pokemon Center. Talk to the girl inside and she will hint that your Regice must hold either Casteliacone, Nevermelt Ice or the Snowball. Pay attention to the conversation and decipher what item is needed.

Casteliacone can be found in the Trick Room at Route 110 or be bought from the little girl at the second floor of Mauville City.

Nevermelt Ice can be found at Shoal Cave.

Snowball can be purchased at the Battle Resort for 32BP.

Once you have the item, have your Regice hold the item.

Step 3: Catching Regigigas

Now that you have the three Regi’s with all the prerequisites completed. Head back to the Island Cave where you caught Regice, which is Surf North of Dewford Town. Enter the cave and head to the second room. Now, if you have done everything correctly; an earthquke will strike with Regigigas challenging you. All the basic principles of catching legendary Pokemon apply here. Reduce the HP down to the red and apply a status effect like paralysis or sleep, then proceed to throw Ultra balls.

That’s it! I hope this small guide helps!

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  1. doesn’t work for me B<

  2. I did every thing, Caught 3 regis, named regice”FrozenH20″, gave it a never melt ice, and went to the cave but nothing! help?

  3. Jonaira Corujo | December 8, 2014 at 4:01 pm | Reply

    I’ve done everything I transfer my regirock and registeel from another game doe sit Mater

  4. It doesn’t work for me, i have all three regi’s, nicknamed regice, gave it nevermelt ice, gone to Island Cave daytime (where i caught regice) and nothing!

  5. It doesn`t work for me. I did all the requirements including being daytime :/

  6. I cant catch regigigas, it says something like “There seemed to be a presence here but it went away in a instant” can anyone help me?

  7. I have a nicknamed regice holding the casteliacone, regirock, and registeel.

  8. so guys why do you need a wailord and another water type

    • you dont need to know | November 25, 2015 at 10:43 am | Reply

      In Braille, the wall all the way in the back of the cave, in which there is a lot of Braille (the one where you begin the journey of the regis), it literally says “first comes relicanth. last comes wailord.”

  9. Jonathangundry | December 11, 2014 at 1:55 pm | Reply

    Just so you guys know, if you want Regigigas to appear you can not name your Regice “Regice”

  10. it doesn’t work for me i caught all of the regis in the game instead of using my transfers (just to be safe) I talked to the girl and she said “…ice cream…” so i gave my regice a castiliacone and nick named right when i caught it i went to the ice cave at about 4 pm so still in the day and nothing no earthquake or message

    • have you recently changed the clock time on you 3DS? If you have, the game disables time base events for a period. Therefore, you will need to wait a week before it returns to normal.

      • Childish_Albino | June 8, 2016 at 5:42 am | Reply

        Crap. That’s exactly what I did to skip ahead to get it over with. Guess the adage “Patience is a virtue” is all too true in this case.

  11. I did everything that was needed: I have all three, it’s in the daytime, Regice is nicknamed IceBabe and is holding the NeverMeltIce. The little girl doesn’t give me a hint of any sort, I have tried both NeverMeltIce and the Casteliacone. Idk if I should try and get the snowball, but she doesn’t give me any sort of hint……… please help </3

  12. You CANNOT name him Regice. It will not work with that nickname. Changed mine to CoolHandLuke and voila! worked perfect! Also I read somewhere else that it not only needs to be daytime but between 10am and 12pm.

  13. I nicknamed it and gave regice a casteliacone and went during the day and it didn’t work

  14. U have to walk were regice was standing and u won’t see him standing there a earthquake well happen then u well be challenged by him

  15. He’s a lvl 50 and u most have all the regis in your party for him to challenge u

  16. I did everything I gave Regirock the snowball, and gave Regice the casteliacone, and gave registeel the never-melt ice, and went to the island cave but nothing happens!!! (From video I saw.)

    • That’s unusual. Have you finished the delta episode and rematched the Pokemon league? Maybe that’s a hiddern pre-requisite? If you still have problems, I’ll try my best to find a solution for you!

  17. Try to re-arrange the items in the regis. Also, have a relicanth 1st in your team, and a wailord 6th. Teach relicanth dig and wailord dive. It should work. Probably.

  18. I haven’t got them yet, but I saw that on and a lot of other sites. Serebbi also always works. But usually leaves things out.

  19. Anyone know where to train a lvl.25 wailmer? I just got it recently and a kecleon at the mossdepep space center fainted it. The kecleon was lvl. 45, and was right in back of the astronaught picture place. I used the devon scope, and caught it with a lvl. 40 lanturn. Try to give it a status condition, and I made the mistake of not. I only have 9 ultra balls. I caught it with a pokeball in the red HP. It knows shadow claw and other stuff. Don’t hit it with a dragon move, because it will change into a dragon type.

    • Jack, the Kecleon from the Mossdeep space center will not change into a Dragon-type when hit with said moves, since I believe it has its hidden ability, Protean, which means YOUR moves decide its type. Even if this was not the case, hitting it with a Dragon-type move would actually be beneficial to the opponent, because Kecleon learns no useful Dragon-type moves bar Hidden Power, and then the opponent could follow up with a second, super-effective Dragon-type move.

    • Training in deep-sea trenches is how i got my wailord. KILL THE CHINCHOU!!

  20. change the time on the system

  21. Did everything you said. And I watched the Utube video. I named Regice at the name rater’s, I don’t know if that matters. The girl gave no hint in Pacificlog so I gave Regice the Casteliacone. I also fed my Regice poke puffs up to the first level. I don’t know if that matters but everything worked and after using a couple false swipes with my Sceptile I caught Regigigas with the second ultra ball! Thanks for your help. I did not have wailord or relicanth in my party but I had level 100 Sceptile and level 100 Altaria as best friends and with ribbons and level 54 Mantine.

  22. Also I caught Regigigas at 5;55 pm. I knew I was running out of time but it is still light on my game. So I decided to try. By the time I had done everything all of my Regis had gone up at least on e level before I walked in the cave.

  23. My problem is the girl wont tell me what I need to give Regice. I visited her at 3pm. With only Regice, steel and rock in my team. Regice is nicknamed Slushie. I have not ever touched the time on my 3DS so its correct. And she still wont tell me what item Regice needs to hold. :/

  24. I’ve got groudon I’ve got the Regis on my team regice is nicknamed bert ( one of the trolls in the hobbit the other two Regis are named Tom and william) bert is holding the never melt ice it is 2:00 pm on my game and I am in the regice island I’ve tried 20 times at least never has worked what do?

  25. I’ve got groudon I’ve got the Regis on my team regice is nicknamed bert ( one of the trolls in the hobbit the other two Regis are named Tom and william) bert is holding the never melt ice it is 2:00 pm on my game and I am in the regice island I’ve tried 20 times at least never has worked what do?

  26. Does it matter if I’ve changed the time on 3ds?

    • It does. You will need to wait a week and a half before it resets back to normal. Changing the time disables time based events.

  27. You should add that this works when regice holds icicle plate which is easier to find

  28. You should make a note that the snowball can be found held on wild snorunts

  29. a week? in in game time?

  30. michael, i nicknamed everything is that bad? i gave it the castillacone and talk to the girl plz help

  31. michael i did everything but i just nicknamed everything cuz of a video i watched. i can regice a catilliacone but still it doesnt work plz help me D:

  32. michael i did everything but it just didnt work i gave regice a castilliacone and i nick named everything maybe thats why? help me plz

  33. what if u changed the time for daylights saving time a while ago? or set it to regular time? plz help me D:


  35. Don’t know if this helps but me and my brother read all the Braille in the first cave where you find out about the three Regis, and we went back to the cave where regice was and regigigas appeared.

  36. It worked

  37. Catching gigas now

  38. It seems to help with the snowball, just try all three of the items, regigigas has been such a pain

  39. Just to sort stuff out for everyone who is saying it isn’t working. One thing no one has mentioned is that you must wait until the sunrise after the day you caught it. If you change your time on your 3DS it will disable all time based events for 1 week in game.

  40. Hi

  41. It’s 24 hours not a week and a half.

  42. Don’t forget to go to pacifidlog before you go to the cave you need the hint off of one of the villagers.

  43. ::)

  44. I didn’t have to get any of the ice items listed I just gave Regice an Ice Rock and it was all good.

  45. I ran out of ultra balls and forgot to save before hand so I had to knock it out. I went back a little later to see if I could rematch it (thinking I couldn’t), I got the presence message so my question is can I battle it again?

  46. Help I didn’t read brail do I do that

  47. It says that there was a presence but disappeared what does that mean

  48. I also beat elite four three times already

  49. Can someone amswer please

  50. I ve got 4 Arceus arceus (dragon )
    arceus(dark) fighting, spark,water and zekrom primal kyogre primal groudan in my team

  51. You don’t even need to talk to the girl in pacifidlog town to open up regigigas, it worked for me one i captured all three of them in the same day. Returned to regice location (same day), named it “Ice” and gave it the Casteliacone. It worked, and its 3PM here

  52. Feeeesh

  53. Well if you do that,(my name is Diamand ninja 348 by the way) how do you get the icy plate

  54. You can only do it if you legitimately CATCH the golems

  55. The girl in Pacifidlog Town is just saying this, “Six dots open three doors. Grandpa used to say that, and I was always wondering what he meant. I had no idea that it was some secret to meet special Pokémon. He told me another story, too. I wonder if this has the same meaning, too… Grandpa used to say that this huge Pokémon sometimes visits our region. But he said you’ll need to wait in the middle when it’s bright and Hoenn is overflowing with natural energy. I wonder I’d he meant you can’t meet it at night.” She gives me NO DETAIL about what Regice needs to hold. Please help!

  56. I caught all three base Regis in the span of three and a half hours and was able to continue to go fight Regigigas without needing to wait until the next day. Using a Regice named “Inexorable” holding an Icy Rock, and it’s not quite 7pm here.

  57. It MUST be during the daytime or it won’t work.

  58. Day time in real life?

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