Pokemon ORAS: Elite Four and Pokemon Champion Guide

Complete Guide For Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Elite Four and Pokemon Champion

If you have defeated all 8 gym leaders scattered across the beautiful land of Hoen, then the only thing that stand in your way of being the very best like no one ever was, is the Pokemon League. This means battling the 5 strongest trainers in the region known as the Elite Four and the Pokemon Champion. Individually, the Elite Four and the Pokemon Champion are easy, but when you have to battle the five trainers in succession things get a little trickier.

My best advice on how to beat the Elite Four and the Pokemon Champion is to know what lies ahead with each battle and prepare your team accordingly That, and stock up on full restores, Elixirs and Revives.

In this guide, I will take you through strategies and hints on the Elite Four and the Pokemon Champion.

Elite Four Sidney – Dark Type

  • Mightyena – Level 50
  • Shiftry – Level 50
  • Cacturne – Level 50
  • Sharpedo – Level 50
  • Absol – Level 52

Recommended Types to use: Fightying Types and Bug Types

The first Elite Four is the master of the Dark side – Sidney. Sidney starting Pokemon is Mightyena, which can cause a few problems early on. It is important to take out Mightyena first before it attempts to use swagger on your Pokemon. Sidney’s Mightyena also has a Sucker Punch, so be careful if you attempt to use a fast and frail Pokemon to start the battle. Shiftry has Fake Out, Leaf Blade and Feint Attack. Cacturne has Leech Seed and Spiky Shield. Please be careful when facing Sharpedo and Absol as they pack a mighty punch with their STABS (Crunch and Night Slash).

Elite Four Phoebe – Ghost Types

  • Dusclops – Level 51
  • Bannette – Level 51
  • Bannetta – Level 51
  • Sableye – Level 51
  • Dusknoir – Level 52

Recommended Types to use: Psychic, Ghosts and Dark Types

Unlike, Sidney – Phoebe doesn’t rely on all out offensive.  Typical of ghost types, Phoebe Pokemon skew on the defensive side. Dusclop has the always annoying moves – Curse, Future Sight and Confuse Ray. Bannette can hit hard with Shadow Ball and Sableye remains strong with no type weakness. Dusknoir is the biggest problem with its insane defense stats and has decent coverage with Thunder Punch and Fire Punch. My advice with Phoebe is too hard, not allowing her Pokemon to retaliate

Elite Four Glacia – Ice Types

  • Glalie – Level 52
  • Frosslass – Level 52
  • Frosslass – Level 52
  • Glalie – Level 52
  • Walrein – Level 54

Recommended Types to use: Rock Type and Steel

Glacia is, in my opinion, the weakest of the Four elites.  Her Ice Pokemon lack impact and can be dealt with easily. If you can take out her Pokemon with a powerful hit, Glacia will not cause you any problems. Glacia Pokemon will attempt to setup hail to eventually wore down your Pokemon. The key Point is to stop her from using the move in the first place. Walrein can cause some problems with a powerful Blizzard in Hail. If you have a strong Pokemon with access to rock or steel moves, then you should breeze through the ice queen.

Elite Four Drake – Dragon Types

  • Altaria – Level 53
  • Flygon – Level 53
  • Flygon – Level 53
  • Kingdra – Level 53
  • Salamence – Level 56

Recommended Types to use: Dragons or Ice.

The last and the most powerful Elite Four, Drake will provide you with a decent challenge with his powerful dragon Pokemon. Drake’s lead Pokemon, Altaria, may be nuisance if you allow it to set up a few cotton guards. Meanwhile, the two Flygons can force you to switch with Screech and Supersonic. Kingdra is particularly bothersome; not only can it hit hard with Surf, it can use yawn forcing switches. Drakes strongest Pokemon Salamence will hit hard. It’s main move is Dragon Rush with Zen Headbutt and Crunch complimenting the powerful STAB move. I highly recommend using a fast Dragon type.

Pokemon Champion Steven – Steel Types

  • Skarmory – Level 57
  • Aggron – Level 57
  • Claydol – Level 57
  • Cradily – Level 57
  • Armaldo – Level 57
  • Mega Metagross – Level

Now it is time to defeat the Pokemon Champion Steven. Steven’s specialty is steel types, but he has other Pokemon that help to relieve Steel type’s weaknesses. Skarmory is an annoying lead Pokemon, allowing Steven to set up Spikes, cripple your Pokemon with Toxic or deal damage with Aerial Ace. Complimenting Skarmory is Claydol which can setup screens and in general being an obstacle to victory. Meanwhile Cradly, Armaldo and Aggron form a trio that can hit hard. However, the biggest threat is Steven’s almighty Mega Metagross. Mega Metagross can cause dents in your team if you aren’t prepared to face this thing. As far as I know Steven’s Mega Metagross has Giga Impact, Zen Headbutt and Bullet Punch. But I believe its last move is Earthquake. Your safest bet is to hit Mega Metagross with a powerful fire or ground type move. Mega Blaziken or Mega Swampert with a fire or ground move respectively, should be enough to take this monster down.


That’s it. I hope you found this Elite Four and Pokemon Champion Guide helpful. Good luck becoming the Pokemon Champion.

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  6. What about Gardevoir? I’m asking because it knows two fairy type moves, one psychic, and one grass type move. Yes, this information would have been good a while ago for Alpha Sapphire. I’m trying to beat Omega Ruby and I want to make sure I’ve got good pokemon. My Gardevoir, Lia is level 56. Swampert; 60. Metagross; 60. Charizard; 51. Latios; 51. Pikachu; 54.

  7. were do u get elixers

  8. For Steven I’m pretty sure at least 99% of his Pokemon can get a super effective against water types…

  9. excluding metagross

  10. For glacia fighting tipes work as well

  11. I think Cradily is the hardest to take out in Steven’s team. (At least, it gives me a heck a lot of trouble) Confuse Ray is so dang annoying and the combination of Giga Drain and Ancient Power quickly takes out Linoone, which I trained specifically for dealing with Cradily.

  12. Overall Pokemon?

  13. I beat Steven with just gorudon no healing and it was the same level as his metagross

  14. I beat Steven easy

  15. I got his met tigress to red health

  16. looooookadinosaaauur | July 19, 2015 at 5:52 am | Reply

    Well, i used only three pokemon.. Azelf Groudon and Latios. I only started and finished Omega Ruby and im planning to start Alpha Sapphire but back to the point. Get Groudon up to level 65 and if you get to stevens metagross use Lava Plume. It completely wipes out metagross in one hit. As for glacia groudon is perfect for it drake, i used all three and with sidney and phoebe i used latios and azelf. So… Yeah just try

  17. You guys are noobs
    I beat Pokemon omega ruby in 1 day

  18. i am destroying him with just my yveltal

  19. i am beating him with my yveltal

  20. If you have groudon with red orb just keep on using his fire move and you can beat Glacia easly.

  21. I beat all the Elite 4 with only groudon and 2 moves Precipe Blades and Fire Plume…..

  22. All the Pokemon are
    Like lvl 75 not 56 ish.

  23. It’s pretty hard to beat Steven

  24. Oh well.. my precious Kitsune (Ninetails) screwed glacia and steven over like hell meanwhile my gardivor did sidney and drake and my Absol swept the ghost types

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