Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Delta Episode Walkthrough

How To Catch Rayquaza and Deoxys In Pokemon ORAS

One of the more interesting new additions from the original Ruby and Sapphire, is the inclusion of the Delta Episode – a post game side-story. After you have conquered the Pokemon League and launching your save file again, you will be introduced to a new calamity threatening Hoenn. A Meteor is heading straight to earth and once again it is up to yourself to save the world.

Now, in case you get stuck during the quest or fail to note your next destination, I have made a quick and concise Delta Episode walkthrough that will guarantee you to push in the right direction so that you can catchy Rayquaza and Deoxys in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Part 1 – Meet Zinnia and talk to May/Brandon

Once you boot your save file for the first time, you will have returned to your house at Oldleaf town a conversation with your Mom and Dad (Norman) insisting to take May/Brandon (May in my case) to see the show being held at Moss Deep Space Centre. Once you regain control, leave your house to meet Zinnia – a flamboyant and quirky character. After the conversation with Zinnia – enter the next house to the east to meet May/Brandon. After the conversation with your rival, she/he will ask you to go Petalburg City.

Part 2 – Help Wally and beat Team Magma/Aqua Admin at Petulburg City

Fly to Petalburg City and make your way to Wally’s House. You should see a Team Magma/Aqua grunt confronting Wally pestering your friend to give up his keystone. Enter a battle against Team Magma/Aqua Admin. After the battle Steven will contact you asking you to meet him at Devon Corp in Rustboro City.

Part 3 – Talk to Steven at Rustboro City

Fly to Rustboro City and enter Devon Corp (has a Dragonite head at the front entrance). Once inside the building, make your way to the second floor to meet Steven and the President of Devon Corp. Steven will ask you to retrieve a Meteorite from Granite Cave at Dewford Town (south of Rustboro City).

delta episode walkthrough

Part 4 – Dewford Town and battle Zinnia

Fly to Dewford Townand enter the Granite Cave (the place you first met Steven). Make your way down to the end of the cave to meet Zinnia where you will battle her for the first time. Zinnia forte are Dragon Pokemon. In her team is Tyrantrum (Lv 55), Altaria (Lv 55), and Salamence (Lv 57). After the battle, Zinnia will give you a Meteorite. Your next destination is Mossdeep City.

 Part 5- Mossdeep City and Meteor Falls 

Note: You will need a Pokemon with Surf and Waterfall.

Fly to Mossdeep City and enter the Mossdeep Space Centre. Head to the second floor to speak to Steven. The conversation will eventually lead to retrieving a second Meteor at Meteor Falls. Fly to Rustboro City and walk north to access Meteor Falls. Once inside, head up the slant (stairs are on the right). In the large room you should see a big cascading waterfall. Use Waterfall to access a new area of Meteor Falls. Make your way through the new area until you find Steven again. After the conversation, leave the Falls and fly to Rustboro City.

Part 6 –  More backtracking.

Once at Rustboro City, head to Devon Corp to find yourself dealing with 3 Team grunts. After the battle go to Mossdeep Space Centre to help Steven beat the invading Team Grunts. There will be ahorde battle with 5 Grunt members, please be mindful that Mightyena’s Intimidate will significantly reduce your attack, so it is advisable to use a Special Attack orientated Pokemon.

Part 7- Revisiting Team Magma/Aqua Hideout

You will need to make your way again through the Team Magma/Aqua Hideout at the surfing edge of the Lilycove City. Instead of entering the Submarine room, you will have to find the leaders room. As a hint, if you find your way through to the room with a large amount of teleporting pads then you heading to the right direction. The leaders room is at the left pad of the last row of teleporting pads. Inside the room, you will see Zinnia facing off with the leader. After the conversation head back to Mossdeep Space Centre to speak to Steven.

Part 8- Paying Wallace A Visit

At Mossdeep Space Centre, Steven will ask you to meet Wallace in front of the Cave of Origins. Fly to Sootopolis and make your way to the Cave of Origins (where you caught Kyogre/Groudon). Speak to Wallace and he will ask you to meet him at the Sky Pillars. The Sky Pillars are located at the north side of route 131 (east of Pacifildog Town). At the entrance of Sky Pillars, Wallace will challenge you to a battle; beating him will grant you access to the Pillar.

Part 9 – Sky Pillar and Zinnia

Please Note: Do not enter the Sky Pillar unless you have a couple of Pokemon that can withstand the attack of a Level 80 Deoxys. A sponge will be handy to soak up attacks while attempting to capture Rayquaza. Also, bring plenty of Ultra Balls.

Inside the Sky Pillar, you will meet up with Zinnia. Gradually make your way up the tower using the ladders while listening to the legend told by Zinnia. At the top, you will be met with a lengthy text dialogue. Once you regain control, save your game and prepare to capture Rayquaza.

delta episode walkthrough

Part 10: Capturing Raquaza and Final Battle with Zinnia

You will engage in a battle with a Level 70 Rayquaza. The Rayquaza does pack a punch as it has Dragon Dance, Extreme Speed, Dragon Pulse and Fly. Put it to sleep and wither its health to the red will make the process of capturing easy. After the battle you will fight Zinnia for the final time. Zinnia’s strongest Pokemon is her Mega Salamence so please proceed with caution.

Part 11: Capturing Deoxys

After defeating Zinnia, you will enter a lengthy cutscene that leads to a battle with Deoxys. Deoxys is one tough cookie; at an impressive level 80 and packs a punch with each hit – capturing this legendary Pokemon can be a challenge. All the principles of catching apply here. I suggest lowering Deoxys HP until it reaches the red and then putting it to sleep. Keep throwing Ultra Ball until you are able to capture Deoxys.

Defeating/capturing Deoxys will officially complete the Delta Episode. Congratulations and I hope you find this helpful.

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  1. What happens when you defeat Deoxys in the Delta episode ? When you go to the Mossdeep Space Center, Professor

  2. Can you get deoxys after you beat him?

    • no, you’ll have to rebeat the e4 again. Then go back to the Sky pillar and you’ll see him there

      • Yeah I beat him, he takes one hit from rayquazas attacks, but if you beat Steven and e4 again, go home, take the sinnoh region starters, (spoilers if you haven’t), then go back to the top of sky pillar and instead of rayquaza there will be deoxys ready to be captured.

  3. What if you accidently kill deoxyxs instead of catching him

  4. Lickilicky your jigglypuffs | November 25, 2014 at 2:23 am | Reply

    When you beat the delta chapter you Will have to do the hoopa/legendary pokemon stuff

  5. What happen when you complete the delta espiode? Is there anymore continuing story about deoxy after you capture him?

    • As far as I know there aren’t any story elements after the delta episode. Catching legendaries, poke contest and rematching the pokemon league are the only post-game content in ORAS.

      If something does arise, I’ll update the article

  6. How do you soar with latios

    • Open your bag, head to key item section (where the fishing rods are) and find the Eon Flute; use the Eon flute outside to fly with latios. You should already have the Eon flute if you have beaten the pokemon league.

      Note: you don’t need latios in your team

  7. I caught all my legendaries first shot with one pokeball

  8. can you re fight zinnia?

  9. LOL. first move i did on deoxys was throw an ultra ball. ZERO damage and that one, first ultra ball caught him. I’m so happy right now.

  10. i caught raquaza with a regular pokeball

  11. BadPandaPancham | November 27, 2014 at 8:01 am | Reply

    Rayquaza is an insta-capture. No matter what Pokeball you throw at it at any HP will catch it. I think it’s the same with Deoxys, not sure though still doing it right now. I caught Ray twice with different balls first turn.

    • I think you just got lucky; I tried this a few minutes ago and Rayquaza broke out the Ultra Ball after a shake. You might have gotten a Critical Capture

    • No he is’nt he’s relativley easy as the 2nd time I fought him (I killed him the first) I caught him 1st turn with a Quick Ball but the 1st time the Quick Ball only wobbled once. As for Deoxys, he is’nt either because I wasted several Dusk Balls before realising that I’d caught every other legendary available in Omega Ruby without trading or using the GTS and threw a Master Ball.

      • Where did you get a master ball? I didn’t know where to get one! I caught my legendaries whit great ballad and ultra balls!

        • I got my masterful when I was in team aqua’s secret hideout thingy. There was this room with a ship in a glass display case and a bunch of items including a master ball. I made sure I checked every room so that I could get more items and after I got it there was this grunt that said that she dropped her master ball somewhere.

    • Thomas Conway | May 10, 2015 at 12:25 am | Reply

      Thats not true!i used 10 utra balls and i still couldnt catch him.

  12. can you rematch Zinnia

  13. Can you rematch Zinnia ?

  14. Can you rematch Zinnia

  15. I caught level 50 mesprit with a nest ball first it rolled three times with one and then I caught it so I think there be a glitch so I reccomend nest balls

  16. And dude no one gives a F*** about your rayquaza

  17. Im sorry. Im just mad becuase I lost all my data and I have to play the Whole game over agian. 🙁 sorry.

  18. Sup everyone I caught my raquaza in one premier ball and two ultra balls without doin anythin to it and caught my deoxys within 20 ultras

    • PokéLegendaries | January 1, 2015 at 5:02 am | Reply

      You caught Deoxys with Ultra Balls? I think Poké Balls have higher catch rates. I caught Deoxys by lowering its HP to red and using just two Poké Balls. I killed Rayquaza on the first try with Ice Beam on accident. I battled him again and I caught him with an Ultra Ball

  19. I had to reset 6 times because I kept killing deoxys but then I got bored and used my master ball…

  20. I already caught it (only had to reset 4 times) but I was wondering. Would dusk balls have their effect active when you’re in space?

  21. thnx guys the comment section seems more useful than the actual thing anyways i’m off to the elite four

  22. is it just me or i catch rayquaza and deoxys with only 1 ultraball?

  23. what will happing if you defeated Rayquaza at the part that you most catch it?
    i have catch it but i like to know what will happing if you defeated on purpose?

  24. How do I get to the Cave of Origin again?
    I can’t figure how to get there 🙁

  25. Sweet website, super layout, very clean and utilise genial. agdbfdcdefdbedec

  26. After the delta episode can you battle may/Brendan again???

  27. finally i can get in sky pillar how 2 use faces

  28. caught all mirage legendarys

  29. i can get in sky pillar yayyyyyyyyyyyy!

  30. 😀 eon flute $©®

  31. mirage PKMNS caught

  32. I… I accidently killed it in one hit(dragon dance & Dragon rage), good thing I have one more try.

  33. someone stole my groundon 🙁

  34. metagross event is so awesome

  35. nightmares from deoxys cutscene

  36. What level pokemon do you recommend for attempting to achieve this?

  37. can you still mega evolve rayquaza after the delta episode? bcuz i cant. idk if it was because i got fed up with trying to catch deoxys and just killed it or if it was just for the episode thing

  38. all mirage legendarys caught beat delta now

  39. near 70 2 lv 100s

  40. eoooooooooooon fluuuuuuuuuuuuuute iiiiiiiiiis aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwesoooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme:D

  41. Does anyone here even realize that Generation VI pokemon games are in a completely different universe than the rest? Zinnia even mentions it when she says that there’s another version of Hoenn (original Ruby and Sapphire), where Mega Evolution never existed and the war in Kalos never happened.

  42. The Kalos war never took place in all the games from red, blue, yellow to Black/White 2, so thats basically the end of the timeline from the parallel world where we usually played in. In X/Y they already knew about mega evolution, so that means that mega evolution was already there in the world that we are currently at, mega evolution already existed since ancient times. Thats why Zinnia wants to prevent that tragedy to repeat itself but then even worse, if the old-gen timeline would come in collision with mega evolution it would likely be the end of both worlds, a huge distortion would appear and destroy everything from both worlds. Well thats my theory. Not even lord Arceus or the Sinnoh trio could save the day.

  43. quickball is the new masterball

  44. hoopa is a hack

    • Wrong. Hoopa is for people who got the demo version for 3 dollars before OR/AS was released. They were given a code and when they bought the real versions, there’s a guy in a Pokemart somewhere who gives you Hoopa if you give him the code. And then there’s another who gives you the prison bottle; the item needed to transform Hoopa into a different version who looks AWESOME!1

  45. i critical caught deoxys only had to reset once

  46. trade whith me, name ash

  47. I caught deoxis with a GREAT ball,and hey why isnt there any more story to the looker?!! I think game freak is telling us that they will be possibly giving looker a different role than the international police,in future games

  48. How do you recapture Kyogre/Groudon? Im trying to do it but nothings there. Is it because im in the middle of the Delta Episode?

  49. Thank you. I finished the game in japanese first and had no idea where to go after granite cave lol.

  50. I hate ludicolo so much 🙁

  51. I straight up one-shotted Deoxys on accident xD

    • Same! I used dragon ascent thinking it’d bring it down to red health, but nope.
      Literally hard-reset the game and re-beat it because I didn’t know I could get Deoxys any other way.

  52. has anyone noticed that…you get all starters exept from Kanto and…SINOH O.O

    • No you do get sinnoh starters. you dont get kanto and kalos because there the two that are available to get in X and Y so it makes it that all starters from all 6 gens are available in gen VI

  53. playing AS right now in Delta Episode, (Meteor Falls) Great game

  54. Is it just luck or did I find a cheat? I went it to fight Kyogre when he appeared, and I hit him with one Earthquake from my level 72 Heatran and that got it to half HP. Then I threw an Ultra Ball. Then my brother came up and grabbed my 3DS. I thought he was going to turn it off and lose my data. But he held down SELECT. And the ball clicked three times and Kyogre was mine. I tried this trick with Rayquaza at full HP and it failed. Then I hurt it a little and did this trick. It worked. So did I get lucky or does holding down SELECT after hurting the Pokemon a little bit guarantee a capture?

  55. 1. Can you catch Kyogre in Marine Cave like in the original Ruby?
    2. What do you do with Deoxys? Space Center said to find any interesting information, so I changed Deoxys form to ATTACK, went back and they said the same thing. Is there even an event for that?

  56. So i beat zinnia and i have the meteorite but when i go to the mossdeep space center im still not allowed access to to second floor :/ wtf did i do wrong?

  57. Did anyone else noticed that Groudon was spelled wrong? It says Crouldon

  58. Took 18 ultras but I finally caught deoxys!

  59. Can you make another rayquaza mega evolve other than the one you catch in this game? I have one from prior games I want to be able to mega evolve

  60. Do you have to beat the elite four again to catch deoxys on sky tower, also do you have to do the delta episode agin when you beat the champion the second time?

  61. thanks a lot I really needed that I didn’t know all that I forgot it so thank you.

  62. I want hoops unbound so bad

  63. Hoopa unbound is so powerful

  64. I just found a mew two items 😀 it’s in little root on bottom left corner

  65. Mewtonite*

  66. My friend is a dick he told me that I messed up because I one shot the game and beat it in one day. So I can’t mega evolve rayquaza. That I basically missed my chance and I can’t go back to get something from the sky pillar.

  67. I some how caught kyogre with a great ball really surprised also if you fly to unarmed cave on Latios/ Latias you can get mesprit and were are mirage spots i heard you can get the legendary beast

  68. ok cool. just to let you know… after the cutscene in the leaders room and if you check the pokeballs… the one on the top right is a master ball. when i got that i was like: OoO

  69. caught dexoys and rayquaza fisrt try and the m8 cheat for me doesn’t work

  70. I can’t get to zinnia in hideout

  71. My kid caught deoxys with a freaking great ball…made me feel so inadequate omg

  72. I killed a mirage are there second chances?

  73. ive neerley played every game of pokemon.its awesome

  74. Does the select button cheat work on normal pokemon or just legendary??

  75. Rayquaza is easy you don’t have to weaken it you just throw your ultra ball at it and it’s yours save time and catch it that way

  76. I had to use an master ball cause I don’t want to beat elite 4 again

  77. Where abouts would u find gardyos?

  78. Where abouts would u find gardyos?

  79. E o mega milotic vai ter?

  80. I recommend using the master ball on Deoxys and just an ultralight ball on Rayquaza because you have to catch it it’s immpossible not to unless you make it faint

  81. Someone help! After I caught deoxys from the delta episode, I go to the mossdeep city space center and talk to the lady at the top floor she says “if you learn anything new about deoxys please let us know at your earliest convenience.” Even if I have deoxys in my party the speech won’t change. I beat the elite four 2 times and finished the delta episode. How do I answer her?

  82. I caught Deoxys with a dive ball 🙂

  83. Lol caught him on my first try lolololil


  85. Nice

  86. azelf isn’t there at the right time

  87. azelf isn’t there at the right time wtf

  88. Hey guys, I just realized something; Zinnia collects 7 Key Stones in order to summon a legendary dragon. Why does that sound familiar…?

  89. Or you can save the master ball and use it on deoxys if you really are in trouble like you have 1 pokemon left

  90. How do I level up my pokemon quickly p.s I am lazy

  91. Which poke all to catch raquaza, master or ultra

  92. My septile was a legend

  93. Bahahaha xD best thing in the world. Caught both only using 1 ultra ball each. Yup the game loves me 🙂

  94. Why do all you babies use ultra balls? I caught every single legendary in my game with pokeballs.

  95. I’ve done everything to get into sky pillar but still can’t get in.

  96. I’ve done da stuff to get in sky pillar but still can’t get in I don’t know what to do

  97. I didn’t catch kyogre or deoxys because I thought I had to kill both now I can’t try again somebody please help me!

  98. I didn’t catch kyogre or deoxys because I thought I had to kill both now I can’t try again somebody help me!!!!!

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