Pokemon Oras Guide: How To Catch Deoxys

I’ve had some requests from my fellow readers regarding how to catch Deoxys in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. As promised, I have made a quick guide that will ensure that Deoxys joining your team.

The first method is to catch Doexys during the Delta Episode quest. I know that many come unprepared when at the final stage. Therefore, if you intend to catch Deoxys through the Delta Episode, come prepared with a Pokemon that can sponge up hits and bring plenty of Ultra Balls. It is also advisable that you bring a Pokemon that can afflict status ailments such as sleep or paralysis.

However, if you happen to accidentally K.O Deoxys, there is another way to catch Deoxys after the fact. A second chance! Hooray! Firstly, you will need to rematch the Pokemon League. This time around the Elite Four and Steven will not be pushovers as most of their Pokemon will be nearing the 70’s and each will have their own Mega Evolutions. So be sure that you have your team prepared to meet this challenge.

After defeating the Pokemon League; make your way to the top of Sky Pillar. You should notice a triangle/prism artifact at the middle. Interact with the Triangle in order to engage in a battle against Deoxys. Deoxys will be the same level as the encounters during the Delta Episode. Like always, apply the basic principles of catching Pokemon. Reduce its HP to the red and apply status.

I am certain this is your last chance to capture Deoxys, so ensure that you save your game before engaging in the fight. Good Luck! If you have any questions or have corrections, leave a comment below!

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  1. Dose Dexoys have a mega evolution

  2. i went to the sky pillar after delta episode.at mossdeep city,there is a old scientis told the deoxys were apear again somewhere around at route 131 but its nothing

    • Visit the sky tower

      • I went to the tower and there wad nothing

        • Have you done everything correctly?

          • You have to beat the elite 4 and champion once more after finishing the Delta episode. After that if you have KO’ed Deoxys he will be atop the tower. Also if you KO’ed Kyogre or Groudon they will have respawned aswell.

            I also heard rumors that if you KO them again they will respawn after 12 hours. I can not guarantee this though. I would rather just soft reset if you accidentaly killed them again.

  3. I recommend Steel-Types. They can do low damage on pure Psychic types like Deoxys if you want a slow approach to weakening it. Bring a few like Aggron, Skarmory, or a Metagross.

  4. uhhhhhhh im confused

  5. I think it is time related. Around 7:00 after beating champion league

  6. raging at alpha sapphire

  7. after delta episode when i knocked out deoxys in space, i went to sky pillar and found the triangle. then i caught him with a master ball

  8. you also have to beat the elite four a second time (including steven) he will give you a metagrossite. after that the game will save automatically because you beat the champion again. when you return to Littleroot town, use the Eon Flute to get to sky pillar. climb to the top and th triangle will be there. save the game and click on the triangle. deoxys will appear. if you have a master ball, i suggest you to use it for deoxys is really hard to catch without a master ball. decrease his HP to red and catch it with as many pokeballs (ultra balls suggested. and masterball) then whamo! you caught deoxys!

  9. shedinja?

  10. catching Deoxys is pretty simple you go to the top of sky pillar and Rayquaza will be sitting there then aventaly he’ll fly up into space and destroy the astroy then a triangle comes out then Deoxys will come out and if you defeat him then you have to defeat the eliet 4 again then after you defeat them go back to the top of sky pillar then there will be a triangle then you go up to it and press (A) then you’ll get into a fight with deoxys

  11. Will the deoxys appear the second time atop sky pilar even if you caught it during the delta episode or not?

  12. I fucking catched it with a fucking pokeball. Omfg

  13. Annasinapitfall | January 7, 2016 at 11:30 pm | Reply

    I’ve used over 10 ultra balls, still can’t catch this bastard DX

  14. i knew all about rayquaza in the delta then deoxys came and i had 1 ultra ball then i was like “huh missed out on a level 80 i guess”

  15. How do you get a master ball so I can catch Deoxys because I bought 30 Ultra Balls and used them all but did not catch him and do you know the quikest way to get a wailord because I am on a quest to catch all legendary just to help me oh and I just remembered if you K.Oed Deoxys on Sky Pillar can you back defeat the Elite four and deoxys will be back o n the top of Sky Pillar?

  16. Yu know what,im not gonna catch deoxys anymore,and why you ask?cu’z i have to go through all that hard crap all over again,uuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh D:)

  17. I was lucky. Caught Rayquaza with a great ball, used extreme speed then switched out with Sableye. Ysed confuse ray, let it hurt itself until a sliver of life was left, caught it with the second ultra ball. Sheer Luck!

  18. Use any pokemon and attack a few times to get its life down, then use a high level Sableye. It’s pretty much immune to all of Deoxys attacks so it’ll live long and if it has confuse ray that’s even better, just be careful to not accidentally faint Deoxys.

  19. it worked super well! I was never so happy to finally catch Deoxys!

  20. No wonder u cant catch a legendary Pokemon

  21. Ok i saved right before rayquaza, i get rayquaza and then i get my gengar who is lvl 44-45 through this sleep then knock him down to red and just start chucking ultra balls but i havent caught him yet :/

  22. Little life hack, use a mightyena. I taught mine sand attack, crunch, and ice fang, as well as maxed out pokemon amie. First of all, Deoxys’ main damaging move, psycho boost, doesn’t affect mightyena, but as it is a bot, it won’t realize, and it’ll waist pp for it. Then use sand attack untill its accuracy can’t go any lower. During this time he’ll use all of his moves, but since no damage was taken, recover pp is wasted and since psycho boost doesn’t affect mightyena, pp is
    wasted. It had one more move, though I forgot which, that didn’t hit because of the combined efforts of sand attack lowering its accuracy and pokemon amie increasing my mightyenas evasiveness. so the only thing that could do anything was the move that increased its defense, but that’s fine because it evens out crunch, a super effective move, letting you get to yellow health. Then you can use ice fang, an ineffective move, to lower to low red. And after this you can use ultra ball after ultra ball, and all Deoxys can do is recover, which he only has 10 pp of, and a quick crunch brings you back. Just be wary of critical hits and you’re all good.

  23. You can get another chance if you rebattle the elite 4 so basically you have unlimited chances

  24. Caught Rayquaza right away with a quick ball XD

  25. CONFUSED PERSON | June 15, 2016 at 2:36 pm | Reply

    On my second chance every time I threw an ultra ball it never wobbled it always broke free immediately I almost damaged it enough but I killed it instead now I can’t try again somebody please help me!!!

  26. I rematched the elite four, then at the sky pillar, Deoxys appeared. I battled him, but ran away, since he always KO’d my catcher pokΓ©mon (Sceptile). Any chance of battling Deoxys again?

  27. I have done that 24 times because I saved it before battling deoxys and when ever I kill him I turn it off than turn it back on

  28. I literally caught it in space on my 3rd ultra ball and screamed

  29. Link didn’t work,
    nevermind, just search for pkhex πŸ™‚

  30. Link isn’t working, so, just search for pkhex πŸ™‚

  31. The link isn’t working. Just search for pkhex πŸ™‚

  32. Sorry for multiple comments. It didn’t show that my comment got posted the first time 😐

  33. got the deoxys at the third time. used kyogre to freeze deoxys and got it with a basic poke ball. hard one

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