Pokemon Of The Day: Mega Gallade Moveset

Gallade returns to the spotlight with his very own Mega Evolution. Not to be outshone by Mega Gardevoir, Mega Gallade is a fierce and powerful Pokemon that will surely have your opponent tremble at their feet. With a massive base 165 Attack Stat, great base 110 Speed Stat and decent bulk, Mega Gallade has what it takes to succeed.

mega gallade stats

Sword Dance Mega Gallade @ Galladeite

Nature: Jolly, Ability: Inner Focus, EVS: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Special Defense

  • Close Combat
  • Knock Off
  • Sword Dance
  • Substitute/Ice Punch

This is the only set you will need for Mega Gallade. A set that is designed to shred team with overwhelming force. After one Sword Dance, Mega Gallade’s Attack reaches tremendous height. And when coupled with Sword Dance, Mega Gallade hits very hard. Knock Off offers Mega Gallade with great coverage, able to hit defensive Ghosts and Psychics Pokemon hard, meanwhile providing almost neutral coverage (besides fairies). Mega Gallade’s immense strength can often force a switch allowing you to setup a free Substitute. Giving you free reigns next turn to use Sword Dance or go on the offensive. Although, 110 base Speed is good and without Shadow Sneak, Mega Gallade can be revenged killed by fast and hard hitting Pokemon. Therefore, it is important to remove all potential threats and check to M-Gallade before proceeding to sweep.


4 Comments on "Pokemon Of The Day: Mega Gallade Moveset"

  1. I personally have this moveset and it destroys enemy teams
    Nature: Adamant, Ability: Inner Focus EVS: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Special Defense

    Drain Punch
    Psycho Cut
    Shadow Sneak
    Swords Dance

  2. I have been very successful with this gallade

    Gallade @ Galladite
    Ability: Steadfast
    EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
    Adamant Nature
    – Swords Dance
    – Drain Punch
    – Knock Off

    There is almost no situation where I would take close combat over drain punch. When against a landorus-t after you count in intimidate a +1 zen headbutt is a ohko! No need for ice punch. You can also now ohko any poison types with ease!

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