Pokemon Generation 7 – Where To Next?

There are few things certain in life; death, taxes and a new Pokemon generation. With Generation 6 and its accompanying remake coming to a close very soon, Pokemon Generation 7 is an inevitability in the next years or so. Before rumors and sound confirmation pops up, I thought it may be fun to indulge ourselves in juicy conjecture and speculation; let’s face reality, we can’t wait for a new generation.

For the most part it will be difficult to speculate on the minor details such as the legendary duo, starters and the what not’s. However, if we observe the trends of all mainline Pokemon games we can make an informed guess as to where Game Freak intends to take Generation 7 to.

Before anyone get’s their panties tied in a knot, this is PURE speculation on my part; not intended to spread information, but rather serve as an entertaining read.

So without further ado, let’s start speculating!

pokemon yin and yang

Generation 7: Pokemon Yin and Pokemon Yang

Almost every generation is name after complimentary pairs. So far we have had Blue & Red, Gold & Silver, Ruby & Sapphire, Diamond & Pearl, Black & White and the latest X&Y. I recall a rumor that suggested the next generation will be Pokemon Plus and Minus, which isn’t an impressive name and it borderlines on the lame side.

Going by the complimentary pair trend of naming the games, I propose Pokemon Yin and Pokemon Yang, named after the famous Chinese philosophy. For those who may not be familiar with Yin-yang describe the equilibrium between opposite forces, for example good and evil, light and dark or Sony and Microsoft.

Not only does Pokemon Ying and Yang sound marketable, it offers a strong premise for which Game Freak can base the story and legendary trios on. Using the nature interpretation of Yin and Yang: Light and Dark. We can translate this as day and night. From here the story writes itself.

The two themed legendary Pokemon have the power to control the day and night cycles. The evil organization, let’s say are called team Yin and Yang respectively, aims to use the mythical beings to create a state of eternal day and eternal night. It is your journey to stop team Yin and Yang to restore the balance of the world. It is a suitable story that follows the tropes of past Pokemon games.

Beijing places

Staying consistent with the Yin and Yang theme, it is only natural that the new region to be inspired by China’s capital city, Beijing. Beijing is a breathtaking city with several iconic landmarks and architecture that can be the inspiration for the new region. The Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, the Birds Nest and the Temple of Heaven are just some places that Game Freak can draw inspiration from.

Furthermore, I believe that Beijing is the next logical step from Kalos. Since Game Freak is drawing inspiration from iconic cities such as New York  and Paris, Beijing would be obvious choice for the next city. Other iconic cities that Game Freak could base Pokemon Generation 7 on are Berlin, Moscow, Rome, London and even my home city, Sydney.

As much as I love Japan, its people and cities; I don’t want the next Pokemon Generation 7 to be based on a place in the land of the rising sun. Pokemon is a game with global appeal, it will be terribly disappointing if Game Freak doesn’t continue to embrace this idea.

Digimon story cyber sleuth

I don’t expect Generation 7 to be released on the 3DS. Whatever Game Freak envisions for the new game, it will be realized on a new piece of hardware; this I am certain. With mobile technology improving exponentially  year after year, generation 7 will likely be the most gorgeous mainline Pokemon game to date. It has the potential to be a dynamic open world with bustling environments and free roaming wild Pokemon. Just look how great Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth runs on the Vita. I want a Pokemon game that matches or even surpasses this.

I, myself, have been critical of Game Freaks lack of ambition in recent Pokemon entries. Running in stronger hardware, Pokemon can reach new lofty heights in both visuals and gameplay. It can be the dawn of a new golden age for the series, a returning to a global phenomenon

Whatever Game Freak envisions for Generation, I’m sure it will turn out great like every other Pokemon game. But what are your thoughts on my vision for generation 7? Do you like them? Do you agree or disagree? What are your visions for Pokemon generation 7? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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  1. They already did a yin and yang one. That’s what Black and White were.

  2. As long as the new game has mega evolution,deino in early game,great starters and an interesting story, I don’t care what the next pokemon game is.

  3. Facepalm.exe | May 25, 2015 at 4:07 pm | Reply

    Really? Japan is going to base the new games on China? Sit down and think about that again. China and Japan are NOT on good terms. Many Chinese people still hold grudges toward Japan for theor invasion during the Rape of Nanjing. Similarly, Japan sees China as a communist country with a corrupt government that is allied with North Korea, clearly a threat to them. Basing a game on New York or Paris is one thing, but China is a whole different story. And if you have been to Beijing in the past few years you would know that the pollution there is out of control. Not only would this make it difficult for the developers to visit the city, but it would also make a game version of the city incredibly dull and unappealing.
    Get your head out of your SD and actually think about what is going on in the world right now. Just because they are both Asian countries doesn’t mean they’re friends. Just because Pokémon games come in pairs doesn’t mean it will be yin and yang (which is possibly the most obvious pair and also has been done before with Black and White. The reason it was called Black and White rather than yin and yang being that the yin yang symbol is part of the Daoist religion.)

  4. Dude…facepalm…calm down.

  5. Personally I think that the rome idea is good because the setting will be able to encompass far more story and revolve a bit around an actual pokemon war

    • I like the idea of using Rome, and doing a duality of time deal. Pokemon Destiny and Pokemon Legacy, something where you can have time travel and go back and fight in the ancient city, as well as the ruins and more modern settings. This could also be where they bring back their Coliseum setting for the Wii U or newer system.

      To be honest this article was a bit “EASY” button with the Yin and Yang idea, but it did get my wheels spinning on what the next duality might be.

  6. Also I feel like gamefreak should check out some of the fan speculation because some of it has some pretty solid info such as ash being red (obvious) silver being giovanni‛s son and red‛s half brother… look it up

  7. my main desire is to have a pokemon game with an immense amount of story both in game and post game and several events for the USA and all of the other countries that watch japan get pokemon from events like keldeo… god i love keldeo… anyways story should be a primary focus because i want to play for hours and not even beat the elite 4

  8. if anybody has an extra keldeo on xy or oras please friend me and trade it (if possible level 1) my username: Nightcrawl
    my code: 2809-9227-2206
    please and thankyou

    • I’ll trade with you. I’m a breeder so I have 2 Charmanders with awesome moves.

    • If you wait a few months Nintendo will be sending out legendarily starting in February and Keldeowill be one of them. Can’t remember which month they’ll send it out though.

  9. Personally I think it’d be cool to see some more European influence. I’d love to see a canal city in Pokemon, or even a region based on Britain. Or perhaps they could go in the complete opposite direction, and design a region with a large mixture of cultures. It’d be cool to see a futuristic mash-up like San Fransokyo in Big Hero 6.

    What I’m sure of, though, is that the character customization will only be more in-depth in the next gen, and I certainly look forward to that.

  10. yin & yang is equivalent to black & white already. i’d rather prefer pokemon to base the next gen on athens or sydney. not beijing, china. china is a polluted country, and is a bully to its neighboring countries such as japan, vietnam, philippines, malaysia, etc. china doesn’t honor international laws pertaining to territories of the seas. it claims to own islands that aren’t not theirs and parade its warships at sea to show other countries how “powerful” they are and can do whatever they want. so no, i dont want the next pokemon region to be based on a tyrant country. furthermore, their products “made in china” have lame quality. i do not want pokemon, my childhood game, to glorify china.

  11. there is already 2ds and the platform of that system plays the same games so i dont expect there to be another version of the ds or any other gaming platform in a while.

  12. The whole taoist thing has already been done—Gen 5’s legendaries Zekrom, Reshiram and Kyurem represented yin, yang and wuji respectively. Also, China and Japan aren’t really on great terms, and I think there are other places that could be way more interesting to base the new game off of. Like a South American country, or maybe England!

  13. i hope they make a pokemon game were people can date.And where you can catch every pokemon wild somehow.


  15. I’d like to see a time warp, let’s say gen 7 takes 6 steps back. Confusing? Good, it should be. 6’s and 7’s confusion and disarray. Say it starts off in a dark cave and you find yourself in a Pangaea a hundred thousand years before ash ketchum. Where it’s all ancient pokemon, and things like omynite, or aerodactyl are starters. Instead of gyms, badges and the elite four, you have to stop a legendary extraterrestrial pokemon from destroying the world, and as you progress through a twisted Pangaea of all the regions you defeat hundreds of extraterrestrial bosses in villages. This would be a huge map, with hundreds of pokemon for the taking, and tens of hours of gameplay.

    After all why should it take technological advances in every step forward through generations, why can’t we see some history before ash Ketchum, who is history himself.

  16. I’d like to see a game that didn’t have Fire-Water-Grass starters. Maybe Flying-Rock-Fighting is better. Also, I agree with Facepalm, Nightcrawler, and Homura that a game in China with a Yin-Yang thing isn’t likely. Also, I think that Equador is a perfect country for Gen 7. It has volcanoes, mountains, shores, rainforests, cloud forests (there IS a difference), a very old and rich culture, and a strong economy. On top of that, it has the Galapagos Archipelago, which would be a good post-game territory like the Nature Preserve/Mirage Spots, a battle resort, or even the home of the Elite Four.

  17. Lt_Cmdr_Data_Soong | June 25, 2015 at 10:47 pm | Reply

    Ecuador would be a perfect place for Gen 7: it’s got mountains and volcanoes, shoreline, rain forests, the huge city of Quito, cloud forests, a strong economy, and a rich cultural history with several of the buildings in its aforementioned capital dating back to the 1500’s and 1600’s. On top of that, the Galapagos Archipelago is a perfect bonus territory like the Nature Preserve/Mirage Spots, or could be used as the home of the Elite Four like the Indigo Plateau, or even could be the battle resort.

    Also, I think a game with something other than Fire-Water-Grass starters would be interesting. Possibly the starters could be Flying-Rock-Fighting and then gain Fire-Water-Grass subtyping after they evolve.

  18. I think the idea of the really, really post game idea of the pangea thing will probally be a spin off akin to mystery dungeon for the wii u. If I was Arceus, I’d have a country that is a mix of many capitals, all where they’d be on Earth, all connected by bridges or vehicles, a new island for the Elite 4 in the middle and more opposites in names, like: Land and Sky, Dawn and Dusk.

  19. It’s probably going to be based in South East Asia (this is mostly just a gut feeling). I am honestly hoping somewhere like India or Taiwan, somewhere where there’s a good combination of natural beauty and ancient monuments. Maybe the legendaries can be based off of the concept of chaos and order (and no, I am not stealing this from the Elder scrolls games). Maybe two evil teams, one willing to do anything to achieve order and the other to do anything to achieve complete chaos. If they do it this way both versions of the game can feel like completely different games and yet still be the same. Also the legendary trio can be based off of the concept of see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. And of course for the starters we could have such things as red pandas for fire starters, elephants for your water or grass typing, rhinos, so on and so forth.

  20. doesn’t pokemon realize that they have already ruined the game. THEY LIED TO US! they said that there were only reports of mega evolution in kalos, but then they put megas in omega ruby and alpha sapphire. if they put megas in the new game i will kill myself (not literally. but anyways the yin and yang idea is good 🙂

    • ORAS at the end of the game Maxie/Archie confirmed the multiverse and this doesn’t just cover versions like OR and AS, or even generations, but every single copy is its own dimension, explaining why I could catch Arceus and so could 30 other people. Plus, this would mean that every time 2 people battle or trade, it is in a rift between 2 dimensions. And some games (such as gen 4 and gen 5) can’t connect to each other because the “wall” so to speak between the two dimensions is too strong. This also explains why there may be continuity mistakes between the games. For example, in one game Ho-oh may be an Uknown Pok’emon (Red and Blue) but in another game (Gold and Silver) Ho-oh is a well known Pok’emon that the Kimino Girls are the guardians of. Oh, and remember Ash and red? Parralel dimensions. Hope this helped.

  21. mega meloetta for gen 7 pls? <3

  22. 7 generation will have ancient Pokemon that will cause either love or hatred for the world it will bring luck or not. Fairy/Dove and Fairy/Demon. Two new types that bring harmony or destruction.

  23. Explosivo2002 | July 13, 2015 at 2:21 am | Reply

    The see no eil, hear no evil and speak no evil were already done with Pansage, Pansear and Panpour.

  24. We’ve had France, why not a hop across the Channel to the UK?

    Big cities, ancient castles, Lake District, the Scottish Highlands. Once the most powerful empire in the world. Land of Kings and legends.

    Plus, shuttle to Kalos for a post-game quest!

  25. Icouldntcomeupwithagoodname | July 23, 2015 at 4:01 pm | Reply

    I’d prefer a game that fills in the plot holes in pokemon, and makes irrelevant legendaries relevant. A game that explains why Mew is related to Arceus but Arceus came first, as well as including Zygarde, Zekrom-Reshiram-Kyurem ultimate fusion, and brings back some favourite characters like Cynthia, N, and maybe Giovanni.

  26. The tricky part about yin and yang is that I think that’s already been captured by generation 5. And in so doing, a lot of complementary (or antagonizing, depending on perspective) themes are connected to that. Generation 4 dealt with time and space, gen 5 dealt with black and white morality with the whole “Pokemon as slaves” theme, so I’d like to see a continuation of a maturity in themes. Life and death would be a cool thing to explore, and maybe even throw in a tinge of religion/spirituality. Maybe even making the bad guys opposing religious or political factions would be kind of interesting. Life/death isn’t readily explored in the Pokemon world (although I remember being intrigued by it when I first visited lavender town in gen 1), and I’d like game freak to flesh that out. Pokemon are often seen as pets/family, and the strong bonds between man/Pokemon would make for an interesting dynamic to explore in the context of life, death, and loss.

    Also, a new elemental trio of starts for gods sake. Instead of fire/water/grass, how about another perfect triangle like rock/flying/fighting?? Change things up! Maybe even put us in a different era, like medieval times, or the Stone Age!

    • You’re wrong, 5th gen didn’t capture the concept of yin and yang. it was about truth and ideals and how they conflicted in such a way that there couldn’t really be a compromise, thus a ‘black and white’ world

  27. Taking a trip to the past might be a fun explora

  28. I think the need to add a gen where you can go to past gens so it could possibly be easier to collect all the pokemon, only downside is that it would be a huge game and would take a long time to make

  29. SomeRandomBoss | July 31, 2015 at 4:00 am | Reply

    Truthfully, I wish they’d do something like what they did with Latios/Latias in oras. Make it to where that is how you HAVE to get around in the later parts of the game.
    I’m thinking, make it a post-apocalyptic era (To run with the life/death thing). And maybe make a mega for arceus and Giratina (seeing as how people view these two as God and Satan). But the real icing on the cake is where this place should be held. Korea. Yea, I said it, Korea. Why not there? It is literally one of the worst places in the world to live at this point. If it were any closer to apocalypse, it’d be there. And it is seen as a bad place all around.
    So I’m thinking a map based around north and south Korea with access to every generation’s (in descending order) legendary especially and other pokemon. And in order to do this, you would need to beat the elite four multiple times to unlock them all. And the title…
    Wait for it…
    Pokémon soul truth and Pokémon soul death (or something)

  30. I think that most of the propositions here are unrealistic. New pokemon types won’t be added unless the current competitive gameplay needs to be rebalanced (like this time with the new fairy type to combat the dominance of dragon types)
    A point that would be great is to standardize several features for the series. For example, gym leader rematches, a high amount of available legendaries, season cycles, trainer rematches, character customization, Pokenav(or something comparable). These features can be adapted in all future games to increase the RPG aspect of it.
    Life/death and order/chaos themes are plausible, but let’s see what Gamefreak can think of.

  31. Well I think not Yin and Yang but more like Iron and Steel, based on the Legendary metals used in Japan and Chinese Legends, for Legendary use Draco (Dragonheart’s) design, and Smaug’s (Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit), as a form of a Legendary Trio, and for Starters have a Bird/ grass Pokemon based on Rain-forest environment, for fire another reptilian probably dino or dragon, for water/ice should be based on Wayne Douglass Barlowe’s Unth, and the home Region should be in Australia, Against a fighting type syndicate known as Team Victory!

  32. An African setting for location or an Austrian setting would be good since they’ve done an Asia, Europe & American country

  33. Anyone even think about Greece? Using there legends and history together could add many new pokemon, add lots to expore and even a good place to being some of the stories from the past together. Just an idea that could just be overthought.

  34. DARKRAI IS AWESOME | September 10, 2015 at 11:07 pm | Reply

    Im thinking that they should make a pokemon game revolving aroun italy and they should make a new legendary pokemon that is somethng like darkrai because you can only get darkrai by hacks or being able to do a event replay.

  35. I am seeing a lot of problems with people saying Yin and Yang has already been done with Pokemon Black and White, but that’s just not true. you see you have to look at the symbolism in the 5th Gen game. It’s premise was the use of truth and ideals and how they conflict with one another giving you a ‘black and white’ world where there cannot be no compromise. Yin and Yang is all about balance between two separate forces so different yet they continue to coexist and work together in an everlasting cycle. Neither one totally perfect unless they have the other to protect it. And i love the idea of it being inspired by Beijing, i like how recently Pokemon has been expanding to a more worldwide scale and i hope they continue to do it. The legendary pokemon being centered around light and day is a nice touch as well.

  36. I think that Rome is an amazing idea for the next region as well. You could incorporate many amazing and ancient landmarks into part of the legendary themes or even base gyms in these areas (Or some, rather than have every gym in a city)and the Colosseum could be made to form some kind of online, worldwide pokemon championship-style arena, as well as a major hub for chats, trades, etc. rather than using the PSS in gen VI. just a thought. I mean, obviously there would have to be some form of PSS system (Though each generation of games has a different online communicator) but having a central location where people could actually see other trainers online and alk to whoever they wanted (Which is an easily possible idea nowadays) would take online play to the next level.

  37. TobascoSlacks Macgee | September 18, 2015 at 7:08 am | Reply

    I would think we might get either South American or United Kingdom based regions before anything. I could actually see a story focusing on a deeper conflict in the region as opposed to a single organization, could do an order of Knights or something like that, maybe a warped Arthurian code of conduct. I don’t think they would be able to deal with a prejudice based off of England’s relationship with it’s neighbors so maybe the group equally looks down on those whose actions are not ‘noble enough’, could get some mileage out of that.
    Truth be told I just want some place that feature’s and Ireland like region because you know they are going to deliver on the fairy types there.

  38. Any new pokemon game will be known well before it comes to the US because it’ll be in Japan for a year. More than likely it’ll be on the 3ds, unless Nintendo is making a new handheld console. Mega evolution will probably not be in it, as it resembles digimon too clearly. And, based on ORAS, it’ll probably be another remake, hopefully of HGSS.

  39. Pokemon cold and hot fire lion with fire\fairy

    and saber tooth like Pokemon with poison and ice types

    one team trying to heat up the world and the other freeze it

  40. I’ve thinking about the region based on some part of Southeast Asia or Indonesia (not all, its really huge) maybe Java, the most populous island in the region (as of 2012, 141 million people; Japan’s population is only 128 million people). Its have lots amazing and various landscape, there are volcanoes, forests, shores, marsh, savannahs, even desert (volcanic desert on Bromo). Don’t forget the underwater beauty. There are 30 active volcanoes on the island, makes volcanic activity is common. But because of that, Java has the most fertile soil in Indonesia. In some places, they can crop rice 3-4x a year. Various exotic fruit can be found here (I’ve thinking to design a city where every houses has Berry garden). It also has rich culture and history. Though most of the old building are Hindu-Buddhist temples, I think some buildings will be a good landmarks. Mixing the it with another Southeast Asian places is good, as Southeast Asia has long history. Because Java is long, I even think divided it into two parts, east and west, but not two regions like Kanto and Johto. The west is a modern-looking, politic, bussiness and entertainment center, however has urbanisation problem (based on Jakarta and West Java). The people is somewhat sarcastic and unfriendly. The east is more rural-looking, natural, traditional and has so many tourism spots (based on Jogja, East Java and Bali, however natural disaster is a recurring event here (based on East Java’s volcanoes recurring eruptions, The Sidoarjo Mudflow, and others. Java’s highest peak lies here, the Semeru volcano).

    Volcanoes plays important role on Javanese culture, for example Nasi Tumpeng (Java specialty, a volcano-shaped rice presents in any big events). Some of Javanese and Balinese people still worship volcanoes until now. So, I think to make volcanoes and nature-based stories as the region’s legend. Besides game mascots, i want to add a legendary quintet for first time, different legendary will guard different volcanoes (refer to Javanese old belief of spirits in volcanoes}. For your info, every volcanoes in Java is unique, they don’t share many same trait, so its good to make the five volcanoes belong to each different Pokemon.

    For the post game, i think Lesser Sunda Islands will become a good base for a region, there are many natural wonders like Komodo, Kelimutu (the volcanic lakes that can change colors), and others. Stegodon and many ancient unique animals once live there.

  41. I think they should base the next game in England because it’s so great and they could use all the castles lakes mountains as natural paradises for the region and it could be called Pokemon Day And Night two teams who want eternal night and eternal day. If it was my choice starters would stay the same because water grass and fire are the three ”basic” elemants.

  42. I think there should be something like Pokemon Greece and Pokemon Rome to show war between 2 sides, and maybe it could be something like Team Magma and Team Aqua, where there would be Team Zeus and Team Jupiter. They should show the deities between legendary Pokemon.

  43. Cara e já peso em ulugar mais litoranio on de vo pudesse deixar seu pokémon sair e comer qua do quisesse e ela uacompanhase rodada pokébola quado quisesse

  44. I think that yin and yan is a good idea but something is missing, it good be something totally new like the continue of pokemon X and pokemom Y but it continues in a new place, new legendary pokemon and it will be nice if you can travel in all regions.

  45. First off. As far as I know they could not do a ying yang pokemon game because that was already done with black and white and black2 white2. Secondly if they did name the games ying and yang what would the third game be called cause it has to match the theme and I’ve only ever heard of “ying” and “yang”. That’s only two names. They had blue, red, AND yellow all the primary colors. There is your theme. Gold, silver, AND Crystal. Ruby, sapphire, AND emerald. Diamond, pearl, AND platinum. X, y, AND z. Are you getting my point here? All the games have three versions, and each generation has a theme!

  46. Hai i am a coc player and i love the game. But i like to play pokemon game most. What the chanler says she meant what i check the website but i dont understand any thing. The nxt game must be solirdrous,gacdroas and liguiwerk which means a land,sky,marine piece.

  47. Your story for the game is just a refurbished ruby&sappire which we have already. Team magma wants to make the earth completly land and aqua wants it to be all ocean. Switching out the state of the ground for the state of the sky is not original.

  48. A game set in Ireland would be good. It could be split in to two different areas (not regions) like the real Ireland, the north more urban and the south more rural. It is known as the emerald isle so game freak could introduce a lot more grass types. Being an island it could introduce some more water types and possibly flying types. A druid could be the evil boss and Dublin would be a could city as it’s very historical

  49. You could set it in two countries (one a big country and one an island) like Australia and New Zealand. The bad guys could also make two attempts to accomplish their goals, and the bad guys (especially the boss) should be more psychotic and that can be possible by giving more detail to the faces of characters in the game. There could also be a fourth evolution for some Pokemon. Some of the Pokemon can be based on endemic animals in the countries (e.g. platypus from Australia and Tuatara from New Zealand). There could be a bridge in between the regions with cities on the sides as well. So overall you can make Australia and the bridge the main story, a very small island as the Victory Road and the Pokemon League, and New Zealand as the post game. I like the Ying Yang idea and with Beijing, but we could make Gen 7 unique because 2016 is the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon.

  50. One thing to add on my comment one above is that Game Freak could base the game names and legendary on new types

  51. I even have a list of over 100 pokemon and tiny descriptions on the side for each. I even have some names for cities and towns, and the gyms as well, but not everything.

    • Canadian / South American region with a floating city with a Flying type gym and a big Lumiose like city in the north of the region with a big horned worm legendary and a leaf starter, a fire squirrel starter and a water dog starter with a syndicate called Team Infinity!

      Sorry just had this in my head for weeks and needed to write it down…

  52. ashis Adhikary | February 1, 2016 at 10:01 am | Reply

    Not gg

  53. What about Lunar and Solar

  54. y’all are so dumb here is the link for a youtube video that the pokemon company made

  55. None-Of-Your-Buisness | March 4, 2016 at 9:42 pm | Reply

    y’all are so dumb here is the link for a youtube video that the pokemon company made
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0ZkoEFkKNY ITS GOING TO BE CALLED–POKEMON:SUN AND POKEMON:MOON–

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