Pokemon Of The Day: Mega Lopunny

With a Mega Evolution, Lopunny becomes a viable Pokemon for any team rather than its typical gimmicky role of past generations. With an impressive Attack Stat and Speed Stat paired with an excellent offensive typing and sublime ability, Scrappy, Mega Lopunny has the right tools to succeed in the new Metagame.

mega lopunny

Stat from Serebii (please go check them out)

All-Out Attack Mega Lopunny @ Lopunnyite

Nature: Jolly, Ability: Scrappy, EVS: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP

  • High Jump Kick
  • Return
  • Thunder Punch
  • Ice Punch

A no-nonsense build that is fairly straightforward to use. This set is designed to deal damage according to whats are you are facing at the opposite end. With four slots filled with moves that provide near perfect coverage – Mega Lopunny shouldn’t find difficulties dishing out damage. High Jump Kick is the most devastating move, hitting hard to any Pokemon that isn’t resistant to fighting attack. Return is Mega Lopunny’s next strongest STAB providing neutral coverage against types that resist fighting moves. With the Scrappy ability, Mega Lopunny does not need to worry about Ghost switch-ins. Thunder Punch deals with Bulky Water Pokemon like Gyarados, Mega Slowbro and Rotom-W. Meanwhile, Ice Punch scares Gliscor and Mega Salamence. The only drawback to Mega Lopunny is that it lack stat boost moves like Sword Dance. Consequently, it does not have the same brute force of other Mega Evolved Pokemon. Regardless, Mega Lopunny is a very solid Pokemon!

What do you think of my build? What set do you use for Mega Lopunny? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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