Pokemon Of The Day: Mega Altaria Moveset

The most recent dragon type Pokemon to receive a Mega Evolution, Mega Altaria gets blessed with another of new tools to make waves in the new ORAS metagame. Unfortunately, Mega Altaria does not have the offensive oomph of other Mega evolved Pokemon; sacrificing devastating power for more well rounded stats.

Despite a few setbacks, Mega Altaria has a few weapons under its feathers to perform well for your team.

mega altaria stats

Stats from Serebii (please go check them out)

Dragon Dance Mega Altaria @ Altarianite

Nature: Naive, Ability: Pixilate, EVS: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Special Attack

  • Dragon Dance
  • Earthquake
  • Return
  • Flamethrower

A Dragon Dance set is typically a fantastic build for any Dragon Pokemon. The ability to boost Speed and Attack stat is crucial for any Dragon Type to sweep.  Earthquake and Return (a fairy type with Pixilate) has great coverage hitting most Pokemon for neutral damage. I’d opt for Flamethrower over roost as it hits Bronzong, Skarmory, Scizor and Ferrothorn hard.

Dragon Dance Mega Altaria @ Altarianite

Nature: Bold, Ability: Pixilate, EVS: 252 HP, 252 Defense, 4 Speed

  •  Roost
  • Hyper Voice
  • Flamethrower
  • Heal Bell/Roar

Mega Altaria has sublime defensive stats and excellent typing to run a wall set. With base 110 in Defense and 105 in Special Defense, Mega Altaria can switch in safely to most Mix attackers like MixMence, MixNape and MixNite. Mega Altaria can easily switch into a powerful Draco Meteor thanks to its immunity. While its bulk and typing can shrug off most other attacks thrown at it. Hyper Voice is a reliable move that deals good damage due to boost from Pixilate. Meanwhile, Flamethrower deals with most steel types (Heatran does wall this set unless you go for earthquake). Heal Bell is a fantastic support move, while Roar can prevent other Pokemon setting up on Mega Altaria.


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