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The Pokemon Company threw a curve ball a few months ago when they announced Pokken Tournament, a distinct Pokemon fighter, made from the masterminds of the Tekken franchise. Although Pokken Tournament has not been officially announced for the Nintendo Wii U, we can definitely assume that this perculiar fighting game will make it across from the arcades into our comfortable homes.

Harada has said that the fighter roster will not be limited to bipedal and fighting types, leaving wide possibilities of Pokemon from all shapes and sizes to join in the fight. I’m sure that many Nintendo, Pokemon and Tekken fans will have their own suggestions on what Pokemon will be suitable in Pokken Tournament, and I am certain that these suggestions are top notch. But I would like weigh in on what I believe will be the perfect Pokken Tournament roster. This is coming from a huge Pokemon fan and an enthusiast of the Tekken series.

So far we have confirmation that Lucario, Blaziken and Machamp will be joining the playable roster, so there is plenty of spots that are up for grade. Considering that this is the first entry into the series, I don’t expect an expansive roster like Super Smash Bros. or the Tekken series.I believe the final roster will comprise of 25 to 30 Pokemon when all things are said and done.

So without further ado, here are 20 Pokemon I would like to see included in the Pokken Tournament roster.

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20. Ditto

Why: Ditto is an obvious inclusion for the Pokken Tournament roster. I would like to think that Ditto will serve as a Mokujin type character that can transform into an Pokemon within the playable roster, copying their play-style and moves.

19. Electivire

Why: Electivire should be a strong contender that represents the electric type. It should not be too hard to develop play-style for Electivire as it has a strong build with muscular arms and intimidating fists.

18. Swampert

Swampert can at first seem like an odd choice for a fighting game, but I believe that this big-old fella can fit naturally in the Pokken Tournament roster. Swampert can stand upright, has long arms and a nice jugular which is perfect for a headbut; it appears to me that this blue monster has all the right tools to compete in a fighting game.

17. Zangoose

Easily one of the most underrated Pokemon of all time, Zangoose can make a name for itself by earning a spot in the Pokken Tournament roster. What will surely separate Zangoose from the rest is his sharp claws that will lacerate and scar the opponent forever.

16. Mega Mawile

Mega Mawile is a fierce looking Pokemon with his Hakama inspired design. Reminiscent of the traditional Japanese warriors, I believe Mega Mawile will be the perfect addition to Pokken Fighter. With a humanoid body shape (sorta) and two Venus Fly Trap jaws extending from the head, Harada will have a fun time creating a unique play-style for Mega Mawile that incorporates these features.

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15. Kangaskhan

Roger Jr. anyone? If I had it my way – I would create a Roger Jr. clone in Kangaskhan, but with a little less Pac-man and a little more Kanga. I wouldn’t be too bothered if Harada decides to opt for Mega Kangaskhan over its normal form in Pokken Tournament.

14. Mienshao

According to its Black and White Pokedex Entry, Mianshao is known as the martial arts Pokemon. With its design and movement drawn from the prestigious fighting art form, it is only natural to include Mienshao in the Pokken Tournament roster. Is there anything more to say?

13. Sceptile

I was heavily looking through all the grass type Pokemon, but none really stuck out as suitable for Pokken Tournament besides Breloom. Instead of focusing on punches and kicks, I would like to see Sceptile focusing on using the signature leaf blade when in fights. Slince’n’dice baby!

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12. Greninja

I wouldn’t be surprised if Greninja was included in Pokken Tournament, especially since that the toad-hermit already has a spot in Super Smash Bros. For Wii U and 3DS. With the director of Smash Bros, Masahiro Sakurai, having done all the work, it shouldn’t be too hard to translate Greninja into Pokken Tournament.

11. Mewtwo

A Pokemon game would not be complete if it did not feature a legendary Pokemon or two. And nothing screams legendary than the original Legendary big-boss Pokemon, Mewtwo. Like Greninja, Mewtwo shouldn’t be too difficult translate into a fighting style game since it has appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

10. Hawlucha

Easily one of my favorite Pokemon from generation 6, Hawlucha is a must-inclusion for the Pokken Tournament roster. A flying and fighting type Pokemon inspired from Mexican wrestling, Hawlucha can be one of the more unique fighters that focuses on grabs, suplex’s and hilarious body presses.

pokken tournament roster mewtwo

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9-7 : Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Hitmontop

It would be an absolute crime if Harada did not include the “Hitmo” triplets in the Pokken Tournament roster.Just imagine it in your head: Hitmonchan closely following the play-style of  Steve Fox from Tekken, Hitmonlee taking after Hwoarang and Hitmontop serving as an Eddie clone. Hitmontop, Hitmonlee and Hitmontop are simple perfect for Pokken Tournament. Make it happen Harada.

6. Hariyama

Pokemon and Tekken fans can draw many parallels between Hariyama and Ganryu from Tekken. I can imaging it now, Hariyama fighting Machamp in an intense battle of brawns, with the fat sumo edging out with his impressive arm thrusts.

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5. Heracross

I think Heracross is a given at this point. It would be ludicrous, I mean ludicrous, if Heracross wasn’t included in Pokken Tournament. Heracross is easily one of the most popular fighting type Pokemon, having appeared in the anime as Ash Ketchum’s Pokemon and allocated in the OU tier in the Gen 4 metagame. Besides, Heracross is a perfect fit for the game with its enormous strength and the devastating horn.

4. Scizor

If I did not include Scizor in this list, I will have over a dozen users in the comment section pleading for me to do so. Easily one of the most powerful non-legendary Pokemon circulating around the metagame, Scizor has a rightful place in the Pokken Tournament roster. I can imagine that Harada will  be focusing his play-style around his claws and its signature move Bullet Punch.

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3. Ursaring

Yes, Yes, I know the references to Tekken can be a little annoying, but I can’t help myself (being a fan of both Pokemon and Tekken). Ursaring can be a viable Pokemon in Pokken Tournament, functioning similarly to Kumar in Tekken. Using powerful swipes to deal critical damage.

2. Dragonite

You thought I wouldn’t add a Dragon-type Pokemon? Right? Wrong. Of course, the Pokken Tournament roster deserves a powerful dragon, and none more are more famous than the original, Dragonite. By design, Dragonite is a natural fit for Pokken Tournament with its long-strong arms and a mighty tail to boot. I will be devastated  if Dragonite doesn’t make the cut.

1. Infernape

Infernape might not get a spot considering that Blaziken shares the same typing, which is such a shame. Nevertheless, I still hold onto hope that this flaming monkey can grab a spot in the Pokken Tournament roster. There are a few factors that favor Infernape. For starters, Infernape is a fighting type Pokemon and has the right design to naturally in the game. Secondly, Infernape is a popular Pokemon having starred in one of the greatest battles in the anime, fighting against Paul’s electivire. I sincerely wish that Infernape will be included in Pokken Tournament!

What are your thoughst about my 20 Pokemon? Is it a good bunch of Pokes? Or do you have differing opinions? If so, what Pokemon would you like to be included in the Pokken Tournament ? Let me know by leaving a comment below!


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  1. Ur missing Blaziken, who’s fighting style consists of long and short ranged kicks… also if you look at it’s stance in game, it’s similar to the stances of Baek, and Hwoarang, which are Tae Kwon do stances… Blaziken would be a perfect match to the concept of Tekken-style Tae Kwon Do..And I can agree with you on Infernape, also i can see Infernape doing Capoiera like Eddy and Christy… Also don’t forget about Chestnaught, who’s fighting style you can relate Bob/humanlike Jack… also Marowak who can deliver a Soulcaliber/Tekken style (both games coming from the same developer) and also Deoxys who can develop a fighting style similar to Unknown… Just a few added suggestions…. But nice line-up

  2. Blaziken was reavealed already in a screenshot a while ago

  3. BlazeStudiosXY | January 23, 2015 at 12:45 pm | Reply

    Yet they chosed Pikachu….. DX

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