Once Again Retro Studios Is Hiring; Almost Certainly A Wii U Game

Fans often get excited when Retro Studios posts a job listing. As ambiguous as these listing are, they give us small insight to what is currently being worked behind close doors. In the past day or so – Retro Studio’s has posted an additional 4 job vacancies. What’s most interesting is that these positions almost certainly suggest that Retro are working on a Wii U game.

Take, for example, the FX Artist. As part of the requirements to be eligible for the position, the individual must be have “Next-gen shader technical expertise.” Not convinced? Here’s another clue; to be considered the role for Gameplay Engineer, prior experience working on “game-play systems for AAA video game” required. Judging from these requirements, it certainly sounds like Retro’s next game is a title that is being developed for the Wii U as oppose to the 3DS.

In addition to the aforementioned positions, Retro Studios is looking for a Graphics Engineer and a Level 3 Engineer. With the increase in positions available at Retro, it is safe to assume that the development of the game is at full swing and that more hands are needed to accommodate the activities.

Retro’s last game was the Wii U exclusive, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, released earlier this year at February. So in all likelihood, at best, Retro is still in the early stage of development and we wont get a peak until next year.

What do you think Retro Studios is working on? A fourth entry in the Metroid Prime series? Or an entirely new IP? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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