North American TV Commercial For Hyrule Warriors

Nintendo of America has finally shared the first commercial for the hotly anticipated Wii U exclusive, Hyrule Warriors. In preparation of the release of Hyrule Warriors in North America – Nintendo has pasted together a Television Commercial, and has kindly shared the advert before it begins airing across the States

I suppose nothing sells a video game better, than a deep voice commentating over some sublime gameplay footage. Well, it certainly sell the message of “it’s time to fight.” Right?

Hyrule Warriors will be releasing soon in Europe and Australia – in fact – it is hitting stores this weekend. As for the North America release – Hyrule Warriors is launch date is one September 26.

The game comes with a variety of pre-order bonuses; including Character costumes, Pixel Master Sword and a limited edition bundle.

For the latest updates on Hyrule Warriors, stay tuned at Nintendo News Fix.


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