NoA Releasing Devil’s Third in Q4 2015

After weeks of speculation, Nintendo of America has confirmed that they will be publishing Devil’s Third in North America.

Rumors has been flying around speculating that the title will not be published in Nintendo of America and has been picked up by X-Seed. A second of rumor emerged that Nintendo of America has reconsidered their position and will indeed publish the game. The latter rumor appears to be true with today’s announcement.

Devil’s Third will be released in North America sometime during Q4 2015 in various retail locations and on the Wii U eShop. A free-to-start version will be coming to PC, with the multiplayer mode available initially. Valhalla Studio’s will be responsible for the PC release.

Devil’s Third is an action game that combines shooting and melee combat to deliver a unique experience. The game is scheduled for release in Europe in August 27.

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