Nintendo Officially Exits The Brazilian Market

In a surprising decision that has surprised everyone, Nintendo has announced that they will not distribute games and consoles in Brazil.

The company responsible for Nintendo products in Brazil will cease distribution as of this month.

“As of January 2015, the Gaming Brazil , Juegos subsidiary company of Video Latin America, no longer distribute Nintendo products in Brazil.”

“Brazil is an important market for Nintendo and home to many passionate fans but unfortunately challenges in the business local environment have made our current distribution model unsustainable in the country,” said Bill van Zyll , Director and General Manager for Latin America Nintendo of America .

Zyll cites high tarriffs applied on video game imports as the main culprit that has lead to this saddening decision.

These challenges include high tariffs on imports that apply to our industry and our decision not to have a local manufacturing operation. Working together with the Juegos de Video Latinoam√©rica , we will monitor the evolution of the business environment and evaluate the best way to serve our Brazilian fans in the future .”

Nintendo has remained committed to their fans in Brazil, and will assess and ¬†evaluate the business environment for future opportunities. It’s rather unfortunate that Nintendo has decided to pull out of Brazil, hopefully in the near future Nintendo can re-enter the market.

Source: Jugos

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