Nintendo Has Begun Distributing NX Dev Kits MSJ Reports

Nintendo has begun distributing NX development kits Wall Streets Journals reports. The publication cites that the information comes from people who are “familiar” with the matter.

Street Journals adds that the form factor isn’t clear yet. But their sources suggest that there will likely be a home console and mobile unit. That is to say there will be a home console version and a handheld version of Nintendo NX, which is in line with speculation that Nintendo will be merging the division together.

Furthermore, it is expected that Nintendo will be using industry leading chip-sets following the criticism of the relatively under-powered Wii U.

The information is ambiguous, so there isn’t too much to take away from this. If true, then we can expect the launch of a new generation of Nintendo consoles early as 2016.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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