Nintendo Get’s Gassy With New Yo-kai Watch Commercial

Nintendo is banking on Yo-kai Watch to become a massive success in the west like it is in Japan. Hailed as a challenger to the mighty Pokemon, Yo-kai Watch has incredible potential to become a key system seller for Nintendo handhelds.

So far, Nintendo has shown great faith in Yo-kai Watch hosting a number of promotional events and advertisements. Not resting on their laurels, Nintendo has shared a second TV advert before the titles release in North America on November 6.

The commercial has a neat catch phrase in “Yo-kai is why,” which explains the basic premise of the series. You can watch the TV advert below.

Yo-kai Watch is an RPG that is based on collecting over 200 Yo-kai’s and battling evil spirits. The title is due for release in North America on November 6 and December in Australia. Europeans will be able to play Yo-kai Watch in the first quarter of 2016.

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