Nintendo: Certain Amiibo’s May Return

Nintendo has found themselves in a pickle with the high demand for Amiibo. Several reports suggest that some of the more obscure Amiibo figurine may not be restocked after the first shipment. With many fans worried that the may never have the opportunity to purchase their favorite, Nintendo has came out today suggesting that some Amiibo figurines may be restocked.

Some amiibo were very popular at launch, and it is possible that some amiibo in the United States, Canada and Latin America may not be available right now due to high demand and our efforts to manage shelf space during the launch period. Certain sold-out amiibo may return to these markets at a later stage. We are continually aiming to always have a regular supply of amiibo in the marketplace and there are many waves of amiibo to come.

This comes after reports that Marth, Villager and Wii Fit Trainer may not receive a second shipment. With this statement, there is a chance that these figurines may get further prints later down the path.

The reassurance from Nintendo isn’t convincing, I suppose it is best practice is to pre-order your favorite before it hits stores. If worst comes to worst you can always find them online, but for a dearer price.

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Via: Nintendo Everything

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