New Splatoon Art Showcase Sniper Rifle Weapon And Trendy Hat

Nintendo has shared more interesting tidbits of Splatoon via the Official Tumblr account. The latest round of updates has shared a fantastic artistic sketch of the Ink Sniper Rifle in Splatoon.

As expected, the accompanying commentary suggests that the Sniper Rifle is a long rang weapon. From previous trailers, we do know that the sniper rifle does have a laser sight and can essentially splatter opposing squids in one shot.

Squid Research Lab, reporting in! Our research team just uploaded a new sketch this morning. This female squid creature appears to be holding some sort of long-range weapon

Also highlighted, is the fashionable knitted hat worn by the female squid creature. Nintendo has alluded that players can can customize the attire of their Squid creature. This is just another clue to this feature.

And look at that sweet-looking knit hat! These have got to be the coolest squids ever discovered.

Splatoon is scheduled for release for the first half of 2015. For the latest updates on Splatoon stay tuned at Nintendo News Fix.

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