More Images Of Nintendo’s New Mario Hanafuda Cards

You may or may not know that Nintendo began as a Hanafuda card manufacturer. Since its humble beginning as a card manufacturer, the Big N has evolved into the company that we know and love. Going back to its roots while staying true to its current self, Nintendo has began producing and will begin selling Hanafuda Cards in Japan.

The new cards have a Super Mario theme while retaining traditional art-style an designs of the Hanafuda cards. Today, Nintendo has showcased a number of quality images of the Super Mario series Hanafuda at their official website.

You can view the images of the Hanafuda cards below.

Unfortunately, the cards at the moment will only be available in Japan. So if you are interested in collecting them, your only option for now is to import them from an online retailer. The Super Mario hanafuda cards are due for release in Japan sometime during this month.

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