Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Shagaru Magala Guide

Shagaru Magala Guide – Tips And Tricks

An elderly dragon and considered the final boss of the story in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Shagaru Magala is the last prized trophy to hang on your wall before moving from low rank to high rank.

“The distinctive radiant light of this mature Gore Magala has been seen in the Sanctuary of Heaven’s Mount. Some believe Shagaru Magala was the “foul wind that withered a mountain,” a calamity spoken of in ancient texts.”

Despite being a seasoned hunter with hundreds of hours under your belt, it would be terribly foolish to enter the hunt with a cocky attitude and deeply underestimating the hunted beast.

As with any hunt and the key to success is to know your prey; their behavior, weakness and attack patterns. Coming prepared and well researched is half the battle won without even entering the battlefield.

As for Shagaru Magala, consider this beast a Gore Magala in a state of permanent rage, but hits harder and is more aggressive.

What weapon class should I use?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question. Select the weapon class that you are the most comfortable with, at the end of the day all you are trying to do is kill the damn monster, weapon class is just a means to that end. I believe being comfortable and good at a particular will put you in good stead.¬†With that said, it may be worthwhile packing a weapon infused with either Dragon or Fire Elements.

Shagaru Magala Attack patterns And Strategies

  • At close range Shagaru Magala will perform wild swipes and pounces. A tip from Game Taco, is to run under its leg, most times the attack will miss you, allowing an opportunity to lay a few hits during the monster cool down animation.
  • Shagaru Magala fire breathe attacks (purple) are more potent when compared to Gore Magala. Firstly the damage output is greater and the range of the explosion is wider. There are two variants: 1. A singular shots and 2. Scatter shot that covers wider range.
  • Furthermore, spots of purple fire will appear around the arena that acts like mines; exploding soon after appearing. This attack will
  • Shagaru Magala has a flying charge; the move is highly televised (when the dragon takes to the sky) so it won’t be too hard to avoid the attack.
  • Once Shagaru Magala takes to the sky with a might roar and purple aura exudes with the sound, the beast has entered a state of rage, with its attack more vicious and ruthless. At this point of the battle, it would be wise to be more cautious in approaching the dragon and not be overly greedy in attacks.
  • If you are battling at the Confined Arena and need a breather, you can take refuge behind the large breakable rocks at the middle the room to restore health and sharpen your weapons if needed.

I hope these simple tips help you in your hunt for Shagaru Magala! Good luck!

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