Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: How To Get The Mario And Luigi Palico Costumes

How To Get The Mario And Luigi Palico Costumes

Perhaps unknown to some fans, Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate features Mario and Luigi themed gear that can be equipped to your Palico friends.

At the moment, this guides applies to those lucky enough to download the free starter pack that was available during the first month of release and have yet to forge the Mario and Luigi costumes. However, I will update the guide once Capcom releases the promised DLC that will allow more users access to the equipment.

If you were lucky enough to nab yourself a Starter Pack from the Nintendo eShop. You can use the 6 Super Mushroom included in the kit to make a Mario or Luigi costume for your Palico. It is important to note, that the 6 Super Mushroom will be enough to only make one costumer, so you will have to select one or the other. Capcom has promised that feature DLC quests will allow you to collect more Super Mushrooms to create the other costumes, so don’t fret if you cannot get the costumes at the moment.

Let’s start crafting now!

  • Firstly, you will need to purchase three large barrells from the Merchant. This is needed to forge the Invincible Hammer for your Palico.
  • Go to the Smithy and head to the Palico section of the menu. In weapons, select the Invincible Hammer to forge the Weapon.
  • In the Head section, select F Luigi Cap or F Mario Cap.
  • In the Chest section, select F Luigi Overalls or F Mario Overalls.

Once done crafting, equip the gear to your Palico. Tada! Your Palico will be wearing a comical Mario or Luigi costume.

For those that did not get the starter pack, I will update the guide once Capcom has released the DLC or update that will allow users to collect more Super Mushrooms.

Happy Hunting!

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