Microsoft Mistakenly Credits Retro Studios As ReCore Developer

Is this the reason why Metroid Prime 4 hasn’t been announced? Jokes aside,¬†Microsoft has mistakenly credited Retro Studios as the developer for the Xbox One exclusive, ReCore.

Brought to my attention by forum user Edwardoo. On a video for E3, the company has mistakenly cited Retro Studios as the developer behind the title. At the 2:29 mark of the video below, Retro Studios name is inconspicuously shown.

Of course, Retro Studio’s isn’t working on ReCore (as they are a first party studio for Nintendo). Armature Studios is the developer behind the exclusive, which happens to have a number of people worked on¬†Metroid Prime. So you can see why a mix up happened. It’s a harmless and funny mistake.

You can check the video out for yourself below and let me know what you think about it in the comment section below.

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