Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Final Boss Guide – Sahelanthropus

MGS5: TPP Final Boss Battle Guide – Sahelanthropus

Typical of a Kojima produced title, the last installment of the Metal Gear Solid ends with a large bang. The final boss battle in Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain is none other than Sahelanthropus – a large robotic monstrosity. It’s scale and overall intimidating appearance is a good indication of the challenge that Sahelanthropus poses.

If you are in need of help to defeat Sahelanthropus, then look further than here, as we will share a couple of pointers and strategies to defeat the cow screaming mech.

After the lengthy cutscene, Snake and Sahelanthropus will duke it out in a large-enough arena. Fortunately for yourself, defeating Sahelathropus does not require a specific strategy. It really does come down to simply chipping away the health bar until the beast smitten.

You are free to take on Sahelanthropus in any manner you see fit as it depends on what playstyle you are comfortable with. Today, I will take you through 3 methods.

Using The Tanks And Anti Aircraft Vehicle

mgs tpp final boss 1

In the vicinity, you can find a Tank and Anti Aircraft Vehicle(if my memories serves me correctly). Hop into one and begin to fire at Sahelanthropus. When using the tank it is important to always be on the move. Fire from a distance and once the Gear gets close retreat until it is safe again to continue firing. You do have to be careful when the tank explodes with Snake still inside, the blast does cause decent damage.


Using Rocket Launchers

mgs tpp final boss  2

If Tanks aren’t your thing, then using the Rocket launchers is a viable alternate method. The strategy is quite simple. It really is a matter of firing a rocket and then retreat to reload. Just repeat the process until Sahelanthropus has fallen. I’d recommend mounting a horse when using this strategy as the stallion will give you a boost in mobility.

If you do run out of ammo, call for a supply drop.


Using the D-Walker

mgs tpp final boss 3

If you have the D-Walker buddy available you can use this against Sahelanthropus. I’ve found using the gattling gun to be quite effective against the boss. Again use the shoot and retreat method to gradually but surely to chip away its health bar.



Tip# 1: Call For Support!¬†Snake isn’t alone in this battle. Be Smart with calling air and fire support.

Tip # 2: Shoot and retreat. Sahelanthropus is at its most dangerous when its close by. Always try to remain at a distance while shooting at it.


Attacks by Sahelanthropus

  • Missiles – Multiple semi-homing missiles fired at you
  • Rail Gun – A powerful shot from the large rail gun on the right shoulder
  • Flamethrower – A devastating maelstorm of fire. Often used when in close distance
  • Stomp –¬†Sahelanthropus can jump to attempt to stomp on Snake
  • Sword – Can be used to attack snake, vehicles and used for an impaling move to the ground.

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