Mega Evolution Wishlist For Pokemon Z

To my disappointment, Pokemon Z wasn’t announced at E3 and its existence still remains unknown. Is the directors cut of Pokemon X/Y coming? Or is it not? These are the questions that a desperate Pokemon fan like myself need answering.  I do, however, have optimism that the game is still coming. Perhaps it will be a launch title for the Nintendo NX? That will be a killer title to have at launch.

To sustain my enthusiasm (and for others as well), I thought it might be a good idea to write an article that may you get you excited more for the game. So I would like to share my wishlist of Mega Evolutions that I would like to see in Pokemon Z

So without further ado, here are 10 Mega Evolutions I would like to see in Pokemon Z.

1. Mega Greninja/Mega Delphox/Mega Chestnaught

Considering that Pokemon Z will be a directors cut of Pokemon X/Y, it is natural to expect that the starters will be given a covenant Mega Evolution. Therefore, in my perfect world, Greninja, Delphox and Chestnaught would all get a Mega Evolved form in Pokemon Z. One could argue that Greninja doesn’t need a Meg Evolution, but the other two need a boost in power to be viable in competitive play.

2. Mega Dragonite

The original and best dragon Pokemon (that is not a legendary Pokemon), Dragonite is most deserving of a Mega evolved form. The logic behind the choice is to make an awesome Pokemon even more awesome. Isn’t that the whole point of Mega Evolutions? Making the normal Pokemon more awesome? I know for certain that a Mega Dragonite will rival the powers of the legendary Dragons and will likely end up at ban city in the competitive metagame.

3. Mega Flygon

One of my all time favorite Pokemon and I believe one of the most requested Pokemon for a Mega Evolution is Flygon. Flygon doesn’t have the devastating offensive stats like his other dragon brethren, but that is somewhat offset by his well-rounded capabilities and being able to shine as a scout. With a Mega Evolution, Flygon will be able to walk alongside the likes of Dragonite, Salamence and Garchomp.

4. Mega Blissey

The undisputed special sponge, Blissey is another Pokemon I would like to see get a Mega Evolution. Some may argue that Blissey may not needed and perhaps would be overkill, but I would beg to differ. With each new game Special sweepers are getting stronger while Blissey remains the same. This problem is exacerbated by the introduction of the Mega Evolution. To counter the increasingly Special Attack threat, it is only natural that Blissey is given new tools and that tool being a spectacular Mega Evolution.

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5 Comments on "Mega Evolution Wishlist For Pokemon Z"

  1. I think Milotic deserves Mega. Or what do you think?

  2. Mega Cacturne needs to happen. I love Cacturne as a pokemon all around and love using him on lower teir teams. I would be so excited to bring him up to UU or OU with a new mega and a hopefully better ability. Sand Rush Mega Cacturne hello? Yes please!!!

    @FunSparks a Mega Milotic would be fun too as it has a lot of great ways to sustain itself. But I don’t know if I’d want to use it offensively over the traditional bulky non-mega variants we have now. I’m personally a big fan of RestTalk Milotic with marvel scale, and I don’t see myself passing that up, or passing up another mega on my team.

  3. Infernape deserves a mega form in my opinion.

  4. Mega kabutops what i want

  5. Mega kabutops

    And all starters

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