Mario Kart 8 200cc Guide: Tips, Tricks & Vehicle Combinations

The introduction of 200cc in Mario Kart 8 has been (pardon the pun) a game changer for the franchise. Never has a Mario Kart game been bigger, better and faster.

Newcomers and even veteran Mario Kart may have difficulty in adjusting to the faster pace of 200cc. Turning, handling and boosting becomes more difficult under the speedier circumstances. The cleverness behind 200cc is that it challenges the way we have typically played Mario kart games. It is familiar yet distinct at the same time.

If you are having trouble adjusting to 200cc or simply need a few pointers to get your racing career back on track, then look no further than NNF’s Mario Kart 8 Guide: 200cc Tips And Tricks.

Best Character Class For 200cc

All character weight class are viable for 200cc. However, I’d recommend using the feather and light class initially to familiarize yourself with the general pace that races flow in 200ccc. The lighter class are typically easier to control on the race course and the slower speed is significantly more manageable when compared to the super heavyweights. Furthermore, the lighter class has better acceleration, so when you do veer of course or hit a wall, recovery back to top speed is significantly quicker.

With that said – Heavy, Metal and Super Heavy’s are usable in 200cc, but requires additional skill to manage the lower handling stat and faster speed stat. When using the heavy class, it is important to practice to get a firm understanding how the weight class handles in game. A boost from a fully charged power slide propels forward quite fast, sometimes too fast. I can’t stress enough the importance of practice. It really is a case of practice makes perfect.

In my opinion, I would just stick to the light weights like the Baby’s and Lakitu. Competitive online races have so far favored the heavy’s, it appears to me 200cc was made to readjust the balance back in favor to all weight class.

Best Vehicle Combination For 200cc

Again for beginners, I would go for vehicle combinations that has excellent handling and acceleration. For example, you can use the following a combination of the following parts.

Karts and Bikes

  • Pipe Frame
  • BiddyBuggy
  • Landship
  • W 25 Silver Arrow
  • Standard Bike
  • Comet
  • Jet Bike


  • Roller
  • Slim
  • Azure Roller


  • Hylian Kite
  • Peach Parasol
  • Cloud Glider
  • Bowser Glider.

Familiarizing yourself with pace of the races will put you in good stead when you drop the training wheels for more advance vehicle combinations. Once you have developed your skill level, going for the speedy combinations like the Mach 8’s with the Slicks will put you at an competitive edge in online races.

At the moment my favorite combination for 200cc is the Gold Kart with the Azure Rollers and the Paper Gliders manned by a Baby Luigi. I believe this combination strikes a good compromise between speed, handling and acceleration. So far the combination has brought me success in online races. If you are interested in the combination, then feel free to try it out and let me know how you go with it. I will eventually move myself up to the super heavyweights when I get book more hours into 200cc. As such, when it is appropriate, I will add more handy combinations to use in 200cc.

How to use the brakes correctly

The break button has honestly never played a large part in Mario Kart games. Perhaps besides the free roaming arena’s of Battle mode, the break button hasn’t been vital to the Mario Kart experience. It is safe to assume most racers trained their stubby fingers to hold the accelerator button, item button and the drift button. All this changes in 200cc.

When you first hop into 200cc, you will notice as you power-slide (drift) normally, the vehicle will overshoot the turn, often veering off the road or hitting the wall. The increase speed results in a increase distance as you power-slide, therefore turns and corners that you could normally do in 150cc are more difficult to pull off.

To account for the increase in speed and distance from power-sliding, you will have to control the speed as you drift into turns and corners. To achieve this, you will need to hit the brake button. You might not know this, but as you power-slide you can hold the accelerator button and press the brake button to reduce the speed (subsequently the distance of the drift) without losing the turbo-boost. Not only will you negotiate the turn correctly, but you will also reap the benefit of the boost.

Just like driving in real life, it is important not to hit the brake too hard as you will lose too much momentum and the drift will be much sharper than expected. It is just as important to gently press the brake button and adjusting the length you hold it according to the turn.  As you gradually get a feel for the speed of 200cc, your fingers instinctively will know how and when to press the brake button. Again practice makes perfect. Some players like to tap the brakes as they turn, but this method felt unnatural. You are entitled to try this though!

One last tip is to know how to cancel a power-slide. If it appears that the vehicle is heading off-course during a power-slide you can cancel the drift by quickly letting go of the accelerator button for a small moment then returning it back again. When performed correctly it will cancel the power-slide.

Following these few tips and tricks will help you become a successful driver in Mario Kart 8 200cc Grand Prix. If you have more tips and tricks for 200cc let me know by leaving a comment below. I will add it to the article and will credit the contribution to your name.

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