Majora’s Mask 3D Boss Battle Guide: Odolwa

The boss awaiting at the end of Woodfall Temple is none other than the masked jungle warrior, Odolwa. Definitely the most easiest boss in Majora’s Mask, which is a given since it is the first boss you face.

Having said that there are a few ways to take on Odolwa. In this guide, I will show you the easiest method which is particularly useful if you need to replay the battle again.

As soon as the battle starts run up to Odolwa and Z-target him. Now you want to circle around him while maintaining moderate distance, as getting too close he will attempt to kick you. Odolwa will attempt to attack, by doing a telegraphed dance with his feet. Now this is the opportunity to slash at his feet causing him to collapse. Leaving the eye on his head vulnerable for more attacks. Repeat this process again.

At the halfway point, a small cutscene will interupt the battle showing a number of bugs entering the fray. You can deal with the bugs either with your sword or transform into Deku Link, hide inside the deku hole until the bugs crawl over it; once you have all of them lined up then jump out to kill exterminate them all.

As for Odolwa, you can repeat the process mentioned above. However, if he does maintain some distance or are not bothered to wait for him to prepare an attack, the transform into Deku Link jump into the deku holes and fly above Odolwa. Once you are closeby, fire off a deku nut (by pressing B) to stun Odolwa. Fall down, transform back to Link and slash the living daylight out of Odolwa.

After a few good combo’s dealt at Odolwa, he should fall. Congratulations!

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