Majora’s Mask 3D Boss Battle Guide: Goht

If you have made your way through the devilish Snowhead temple, the rampaging bull – Goht – will be awaiting for you on the otherside of the boss key door.

Firstly, if you are running low on Arrows and Magic, I suggest breaking the pots in the nearby vicinity to replenish stocks. Secondly, you will want to assign the Goron Mask and the Fire Arrows to the X and Y button, as you will need to switch between those items quickly in the battle.

Once you are ready, shoot a Fire Arrow at the frozen Goht to initiate the battle. Once the battle has begun, put on your Goron Mask and pursuit Goht while charging your roll into the spike stage. Once you have caught up to Goht, essentially what you want to do is ram him into it until Goht collapses.

Goht has two collapsed states: it will be on its belly with the eyeball poping out of its back or on its side with the eyeball exposed on its belly. For the former you will need to use the Fire Arrows to deal damage and for the latter you can use your Sword.

Just rinse and repeat until you have smote Goht. But please not the battle does get a little tricky. Goht will begin to kick builders, poo out bombs (quite literally), and rocky spikes will fall from the top to attempt to stop your momentum.

As for attacks, if you stay behind Gohts for an extended time (while attempting to ram) he will kick you. If Goht gains distance from you he will charge a bolt of lighting and fire it towards you. If you gain significant elevation and land on its head, Goht will headbutt you (yes I’ve tried).

Note: You can stun Goht by using only the Fire Arrows and then run up to take him down, but this is not my preferred method. Also, if you ram into Gohts anus (I am dead serious) during the window when it expels the bombs, Goht will automatically collapse. It’s extremely difficult to pull off and likely a rare occurrence, as you will need to aim precisely when you take flight from a ramp and not to mention Goht will need to expel a bomb at the right moment. I’ve done it once, by sheer luck, it was hilarious to say the least.

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