What I Like To See In The World of Zelda Wii U

Nintendo surprised the entire gaming community by showing an extended look of the Legend of Zelda Wii U at the Video Game Awards. Although the showing was far perfect (I would love to have seen direct footage), but was what shown was a beautifully and vast world filled with ambition and massive potential.

Admittedly, I was salivating all over my laptop and getting my fanboy on. I mean… who wouldn’t? What was shown was simply amazing.

Still, putting my blind love for the Zelda series aside, there are a few concerns and criticism that could be whispered to the ears of Mr. Aonuma.

The most prominent concern is suggestions that the vast world is a little barren underpopulated with fauna and interesting landmarks in between points. The criticism is also fair; from what we have seen, it is certainly true.

It is also fair to give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt.  Nintendo did show an early build of the game and not showing direct footage or a trailer suggests that the reveal was a last minute decision. Plus the game still has a good 8-10 months of development left.

With at least a year before the game is release, I would like to put forth my ideas as to what I like to see in the world of Zelda Wii U.

Large, Beautiful and Dangerous Fauna

The Zelda Team can take a few notes from Monolith Softs, Xenoblade Chronicles X. The world of Xenoblade Chronicles X (from what we have seen so far) is is teeming with large and magnificent beasts. From the distance, you can see large dinosaurs that fill your veins with adrenaline.I believe Zelda’s world can benefit from more wildlife living throughout the environments. Not only does fauna provide worthwhile distractions in-between locations, but it also gives the impression that the world is alive and breathing. The best open world games are able to create an organic feel; one that is natural and living and not just a generated program. In my view, the Zelda team is almost there, but it needs more fauna to nail it.


ZOMFG! Nintendo copying Skyrim! Ummm… excuse me Princess, Nintendo has been doing dragons long before the Elders Scroll (I think). Still, Nintendo can burrow a few notes from Bethesda WRPG classic. Aonuma has mentioned previously (I cannot find the article) that fierce enemies will occasionally appear in the vast overworld, We’ve seen one such enemy in the first footage shown back at E3. Now imagine a fierce dragon patrolling skies at the distance; you come closer to investigate and it suddenly attacks you in a state of rage. That would be a battle I would be pumped for. Perhaps, you won’t like this idea, maybe I’ve played too much of Skyrim. But dragons! Dragons! Who doesn’t like dragons?

Large and bustling Towns/Cities

The Legend of Zelda series has always featured charismatic and quirky side characters. It’s one trope that I do not want to be changed. However, in recent times, Aonuma has failed to create memorable towns and cities. While Skyloft certainly fits the bill, but it was the only largely populated town in Skyward Sword. Twilight Princess had the worst towns and city. In the world of Zelda Wii U, I would like Nintendo to create memorable towns and cities. I want to tour Hyrule, appreciate the architecture and get to know the locals.

Non-Essential Dungeons

Nintendo is the undisputed king of dungeon design. Their thrown hasn’t been challenged at all after all these years. And let’s be honest here, dungeons are the best part of Zelda games. However, Dungeons have typically been reserved for story events. I would like to see several mini dungeons (in the same vein as the Ice Caverns from Ocarina of time) scattered throughout Hyrule. Having dozens of mini dungeons with rewards and treasures waiting at the end, will encourage exploration and extend playtime by many hours.

What do you want to see in the world of Zelda Wii U? Do you like my thoughts on the subject? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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