Lego Jurassic World Cheat Code Lists

Lego Jurassic World features a number of cheat codes to unlock dozens of characters, vehicles and modifiers for in-game purposes. Frankly, these cheat codes will make your life much easier, plus it is nice to have a bunch of characters unlocked in case that you need for a particular Lego puzzles.

How do I enter the cheats?

Open in the game menu and scroll down to the Extra’s section. Opening up the section will allow you to enter the 6 figure code.

Does these cheats codes work for all versions of the game?

As far as I know, these code will work for all versions. Whether you have the Wii U, PS4, Ps3, Xbox One, 360 or PC version. If they don’t work on your desired version, let me know and I’ll follow it up.

You are missing some cheat codes?

These cheats are courtesy of AFGuidesHd on YouTube. If you have more codes, then please let me know and I’ll be glad to give you credit.

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ACU Trooper (Female) – AU25GR
ACU Trooper (Male) – 28SPSR
Carlos – VK3TP3
Carter – 9GESXP
Cooper – 5BETZ5
Dennis  Nedry РRAVKRT
Dieter Stark – EKCKLC
Dino Handler – YQ6S7Z
Ellie Degler – AV9DTJ
Gyrosphere Operator Josh – 9NGZZQ
Henry Wu (Jurassic World) – A3HC7E
InGen Guard Jerry – QKBCWT
InGen Hunter – 38YWVR
InGen Mechanic – RMVVB8
InGen Mercenary – VZRSD3
InGen Scout – 8XL359
Jimmy Fallon – 6MKHSG
John Hammond (Lost World) – PR2R6Y
Juanito Rostagno – XTH9A3
Jurassic Park Driver AKA Jeep Driver – 3FE78R
Jurassic Park Warden (Female) – 8WY3FV
Jurassic Park Warden (Male) – XJS7UY
Jurassic World Paddock Worker – BX9Z6R
Jurassic World Ranger – GW9TGH
Jurassic World Worker (Female) – L5AU6Y
Nash (Runway) – BRLNWC
Raptor Handler Jenny – SXZ7CC
S.S. Venture Crewman – 62539J
Scientist – XVXGXF
Scientist – SKKLWC
Udesky – PFEBS6
Young Raptor Handler – 7VNLJT
studs Score Multiplier x2 Red Brick – 5MZ73E
Minikit Detector Red Brick  РJYJAFX
Jurassic Park Responder Vehicle – 3FE78R

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